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Chairpersons: Past & Present

7/74-12/75 Prof. Jerome Shindelman Continuing Education
2/76-5/77 Dr. Rose M. Channing Health Technologies
10/77-5/78 Prof. Hans Walther Marketing Art and Design
10/78-5/79 Dr. Barbara Drescher Chemistry
10/79-5/80 Prof. Santi Buscemi English
10/80-5/81 Prof. Robert Zifchak Health, Phys. Ed., Recreation
10/81-5/82 Prof. Patricia Graber Bus. Ad./Management
10/82-5/83 Prof. John C. Kenny Social Sciences
10/83-5/84 Prof. Norman Poppel Social Sciences
10/84-5/85 Prof. Thomas F. Mannion Social Sciences
10/85-3/86 Prof. Frank J. Rubino
Acting Chair
Mech.-Civil/Const. Eng.
4/86-5/88 Prof. Frank J. Rubino Mech.-Civil/Const. Eng.
10/88-5/90 Prof. Thomas J. McCoy Accounting
10/90-5/92 Ms. Ann Houpt Counseling/Placement Services
10/92-5/94 Ms. Barbara L.Greene Continuing Studies
10/94-5/96 Prof. Xenia P. Balabkins Bus. Ad./Management
10/96-5/98 Prof. Patricia A. Payne History and Social Behavior
10/98-5/00 Prof. Marilyn Laskowski-Sachnoff Hotel/Rest./Inst. Management
10/00-5/02 Dr. Reginald Luke Science/Math./Health Tech.
10/02-5/04 Dr. Margarete Driver Mod. Lang./Internat. Education
10/04-5/06 Prof. Alice Picardo Counseling and Career Services
10/06-5/08 Prof. Jeffrey Spector Computer Science
10/08-5/09 Prof. Richard Ellison Accounting and Legal Studies
10/09-5/12 Ms. Theresa Orosz Special Assistant to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Current Prof. Jeremy Nickerson Visual, Performing and Media Arts