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Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities Members

Chair - 2014s. Tara Canavera


  • Mr. Ronald Balint (14)
  • Mr. David Boelhower (14)
  • Dean Marla Brinson (15)
  • Prof. Claire Condie (14)
  • Ms. Judi DiMaio (14)
  • Prof. Andre Gittens (15)
  • Ms. Renu Kinkhabwala (14)
  • Prof. Ashley Little (14)
  • Prof. Patty McMahon (14)
  • Ms. Kathy Nagy (14)
  • Ms. Alison Rolling (15)
  • Ms. Adrienne Smith (14)
  • Ms. Elaine Weir-Daidone (Position)
  • Dr. Victor Vega (14)

Students-at-Large (3) all terms expire in 6/14
Tara Canavera
Rosalie Gambino
Rob RIvera

Task Force Charges - 2014

  • New: Review plans for new construction on the Middlesex County College campus to ensure the buildings are designed according to the 2010 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards for Accessible Design. http://www.ada.gov/regs2010/2010ADAStandards/2010ADAstandards.htm
  • New: Examine the need to spend additional time or resources clearing pathways from handicap parking spaces to building entrances to ensure accessibility for students with physical disabilities.
  • Review the recent updates to the Campus to increase Accessibility and report on them.
  • Report on the implementation status of recommendations submitted by your task force in 2011 – 2012, approved by the College Assembly, and forwarded to the College President for signature.