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ByLaws Members

Chair 2014 Prof. Donna-Marie Gardner


  • Prof. Donna-Marie Gardner (14)
  • Prof. Natalia Malyk-Selivanova (15)
  • Ms. Theresa Orosz (15)
  • Prof. Alice Picardo (14)
  • Prof. Naomi Schatz (14)
  • Dr. Richard Strugala (15)

Task Force Charges - 2014

  • New: Review the Bylaws and make recommendations for changes according to the July 2013 organizational structure. Be sure to also include changes that will need to be considered for the appendices.
  • New: Review the Bylaws and make recommendations to address the terms of service for College Assembly and Task Force members in the event that the College Assembly is unable to convene.
  • Report on the implementation status of recommendations submitted by your task force in 2011 – 2012, approved by the College Assembly, and forwarded to the College President for signature.