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Campus Life and Community Concerns Members

Chair – Mr. Ode Hoppie


  • Captain Micheal Ambroziak (15)
  • Prof. Leslie Carter (15)
  • Prof. Brenda Cavanaugh (16)
  • Ms. Brenda Cooney (16)
  • Prof. Kathleen Costanzo (16)
  • Ms. Audrey Davis (16)
  • Mr. Daniel Fuchs (15)
  • Dr. Thomas Halasinski (15)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Herron (16)
  • Mr. Ode Hoppie (Position)
  • Mr. Michael Spadora (15)
  • Ms. Gwen Strokus (15)
  • Prof. Runae Wilson (15)

Students-at-Large (4) – All terms expire in 6/15

  • Yanci  Canales
  • Lory Jackson
  • Muhammed Paracha
  • Elijah Villapiano


Task Force Charges (2014–2015)

Report on the implementation status of recommendations submitted by the Campus Life Task Force and the Community Concerns Task Force in 2013–2014, approved by the College Assembly, and forwarded to the College President for signature.

Research how other colleges handle code of conduct charges and determine if there are ways to improve the code of conduct process at MCC. (New)

Investigate the feasibility of putting picnic tables outside each campus building and under some tree areas.

Examine the need for more designated student lounge areas located away from teaching classrooms to alleviate the noise problem in hallways of academic buildings.