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Campus Life and Community Concerns Members

Chair - Mr. Ode Hoppie


  • Captain Micheal Ambroziak (15)
  • Prof. Leslie Carter (15)
  • Prof. Brenda Cavanaugh (16)
  • Ms. Brenda Cooney (16)
  • Prof. Kathleen Costanzo (16)
  • Mr. Daniel Fuchs (15)
  • Dr. Thomas Halasinski (15)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Herron (16)
  • Mr. Ode Hoppie (Position)
  • Ms. Gwen Strokus (15)
  • Prof. Runae Wilson (15)

Students-at-Large (4) all terms expire in 6/15
Yanci  Canales
Lory Jackson
Muhammed Paracha
Elijah Villapiano

Task Force Charges - 2014-2015

  • Report on the implementation status of recommendations submitted by the Campus Life Task Force and the Community Concerns Task Force in 2013 – 2014, approved by the College Assembly, and forwarded to the College President for signature
  • New: Research how other colleges handle code of conduct charges and determine if there are ways to improve the code of conduct process at MCC. 
  • Investigate the feasibility of putting picnic tables outside each campus building and under some tree areas.
  • Examine the need for more designated student lounge areas located away from teaching classrooms to alleviate the noise problem in hallways of academic buildings.