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January 26 at 12:30pm and remain closed for Tuesday, January 27 for all classes and activities at all locations.


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Curriculum Members

Curriculum Procedures Manual

Chair -


  • Dr. John Constantino (15)
  • Prof. Timothy Dey (15)
  • Prof. Phyllis Fleming (16)
    Prof. Patrick Honey (16)
  • Mr. John Kruszewski (15)
  • Ms. Ashley Miller (Position)
  • Prof. Lakshmi-Nagarajan-Iyer (16)
  • Ms. Betsy Pajauis (15)
  • Prof. Claire Pean (16)
  • Prof. Nicholas Picioccio (16)
  • Prof. Guy Reynolds (15)
  • Prof. Richard Roy (15)
  • Dr. Diane Trainor (15)

Students-at-Large (2) both terms expire in 6/15
Oticia Bisport
Danielle Garnoiak

Task Force Charges -

    • Evaluate all new or revised curricula and programs according to the Curriculum Procedure Manual. Make appropriate recommendations.
    • Review the curriculum manual and update as needed to reflect changes in the curriculum approval process. Report to the College Assembly.