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Educational Resources

Chair - 2014 Prof. Mary-Pat Maciolek


  • Dr. Maria DeLucia (15)
  • Dr. John Dunning (14)
  • Prof. Ronald Foley (15)
  • Prof. MaryAnn Hellrigel (14)
  • Prof. Pamela Hicks (14)
  • Prof. Mary-Pat Maciolek (15)
  • Mr. John Mondano (15)
  • Mr. Edwin Onyschak (14)
  • Mr. Brian Richards (Position)
  • Mr. Mark Thompson (Position)

Students-at-Large: (4) all terms expire in 6/14
Dhruv Chunawala
Danielle Garoniak
Christina Lam
Richard Logan

Task Force Charges - 2014

  • Due to limited open computer laboratory space on campus and at the centers, as well as the amount of telecommunications bandwidth needed for social media, music and video downloading websites, investigate the need to control the availability of these types of websites at all college locations. Survey departments to determine the needs for access to these sites. Make appropriate recommendations.
  • Report on the implementation status of recommendations submitted by your task force in 2011 – 2012, approved by the College Assembly, and forwarded to the College President for signature