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Participant Testimonials

The EMPOWER program is designed to help mentor and train rising college students in order to ensure their successful transition into a college environment, but its effects go far beyond this. The EMPOWER program provides (students) with a foundation as to what to expect in a real world setting. The skills acquired through the program may be applied to more than one aspect of daily life, and help to improve the way in which one relates and collaborates with others...upon walking through the door on the first day, one immediately becomes captivated by the cheerful and encouraging atmosphere. Everyone in the program sees and treats the rest as though they were family and not as simply being fellow members. A sense of care and dedication to accomplish and do more is irrefutably visible to anyone, even if they are not already acquainted with the purpose of the program. This type of environment allows for anyone to feel comfortable and to easily establish connections with the rest, thus allowing the need in one to achieve more while also motivating and inspiring fellow peers to strive for more.

– Written by Maria Dominguez, 2011-2013 EMPOWER Participant


The program has helped me network and be more outspoken. It has given the opportunity to give back to the community while having fun. Additionally, it has given me the opportunity to take a college class which has given me a new perspective.

– Written by Nadia Hercules, 2011-2014 EMPOWER Participant


E.M.P.O.W.E.R is not only about getting you ready for college; it also is an opportunity for you to help our community become a better place. Community service is a big part of E.M.P.O.W.E.R because the president of the program, Ms. Evelyn Rosa, loves to help people. For us high school students, we can get scholarships for doing community service. Not only that, but when you apply for a job, you can show that you like to volunteer and work well with others. Also, you can say that you have experience with working with kids, elders or just people. Doing community service can also be a lot of fun!

– Written by Humberto Rivera, 2012-2014 EMPOWER Participant


Being involved in the EMPOWER program at Middlesex County College this year has been amazing. Coming to EMPOWER as a new student, I was warmly welcomed by director Evelyn Rosa and the mentors. It was a way to tell myself that this school year was going to be great. As a senior, I had to stay focused and on top of all my classes in order to graduate because as graduation gets closer, the classes become more challenging. The mentors from EMPOWER helped me academically by tutoring me in my two AP classes and the honor classes as well. They also gave me guidance when I applied for colleges and scholarships. EMPOWER introduced us to many workshops like Domestic Violence, Healthy Relationships and Identity Theft. All the students participating in EMPOWER have many opportunities from volunteering in informative workshops to helpful activities.

– Written by Cristie Santiago, 2011-2013 EMPOWER Participant


When I started here at EMPOWER, I realized that I was accountable for making a big change in a scholar's life. It is very important for every mentor to be mindful of the person that they are mentoring and to set a positive example before them. EMPOWER, has helped me to move beyond barriers that I deemed would be a challenge. I have learned a valuable skill, and will continue to grow more diverse, while giving sound advice and guidance to a generation that will one day be doing the same as I; "Giving back to their community ". Working with the scholars in EMPOWER has given me a fresh perspective on what I am capable of achieving. In less than a month I will be graduating from Rutgers University. Unfortunately, I may not see these amazing scholars again. However, I hope and pray that I have left my mark or a legacy that has a lasting impact which will encourage them to carry on the mission of mentoring, leadership and caring for others.

– Written By Donna Jones, 2012-2013 EMPOWER Mentor