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Computer Rooms

The Computer Science and Information Technology Department's computer rooms are accessible to any student registered at the college. Students are required to have a valid Middlesex ID card before being admitted to the open computer room. Computer rooms are located in Johnson Learning Center and Instructional Resource Center.

All computer rooms (JLC222, JLC224, IRC107, IRC108, IRC111, IRC113, IRC114 and IRC115) contain the following operating systems and software packages: Windows 7, Linux, Microsoft Office 2010, Dev C++, Visual Studio 2010, Pearl, SNAP, Eclipse, Mars, Textpad, Microfucus Mainframe Express and Alice. In addition, JLC222 and IRC115 have Dreamweaver.

The official Open computer room is IRC115.

Fall Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 9:30pm
Saturday- closed