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Mission Statement and Program Goals

Mission Statement

 The Middlesex County College Dental Hygiene Program is based on a commitment to the highest standard of education that promotes the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes that ensure quality patient care, professional competence and ethical behavior in the art and science of dental hygiene.

Essential to this Mission is:

  1. To create an enriching educational environment that fosters a commitment to excellence for a diverse community of students.
  1. To promote the oral and general health of our community by providing optimal clinical dental hygiene care, educational outreach and services.
  1. To establish the foundation for intellectual curiosity, life-long learning and professional collaboration.

Program Goals

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and values necessary to qualify for licensure as a Registered Dental Hygienist.
  1. Provide optimal and comprehensive patient care.
  1. Promote disease prevention and oral health to the community-at-large.

  1. Demonstrate a level of professional and ethical conduct consistent with the dental hygiene standard of care.