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Patient Services and Fees

Dental Hygiene Services Provided

The following services are offered in the Dental Hygiene clinic based on the students/faculty assessments of your dental health needs:

  1. Medical and Dental questionnaire
  2. Blood Pressure screening
  3. Dental Radiographs (x-rays)
  4. Extraoral and Intraoral Examination, including oral cancer risk assessment
  5. Dental Assessment (charting of teeth and conditions in the mouth, cavity risk assessment)
  6. Periodontal Assessment (measure of bone, gum tissue, gum health and periodontal disease risk assessment)
  7. Oral Hygiene Assessment and individualized Patient Education
  8. Oral Prophylaxis (dental cleaning)
  9. Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy (deep dental cleaning)

10.  Fluoride Treatment

11.  Dental Sealants

12.  Dental Dietary Analysis for decay prevention

13.  Tobacco Cessation referral

14.  Supplemental therapy within the scope of the New Jersey Dental Hygiene Practice Act

15.  Local anesthesia to provide optimal comfort, if needed.

Services Disclaimer

  1. The Dental Hygiene clinic DOES NOT provide a dental examination or diagnosis of restorative needs.  Services such a fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions, dentures or partials are NOT provided in the Dental Hygiene clinic.  A dentist must provide these dental services.
  2. A typical return appointment for a dental cleaning is every 6 months/2x year in the Dental Hygiene clinic.  Patients are expected to consult with a dentist for examination and comprehensive dental care.
  3. If a patient has a medical or dental condition that warrant further consultation with their physician or dentist, treatment in the Dental Hygiene clinic will be delayed until written approval is obtained from the patient’s physician or dentist.
  4. Patients with dental emergencies needs CANNOT be treated in the Dental Hygiene clinic until they are treated by the dentist.
  5. If faculty deems that a patient is not suitable for our teaching clinic, the patient will be dismissed, inactivated and/ or referred to the private sector.
  6. Multiple appointments (2-4) and extended appointment lengths (up to 3 ½ hours) are often required.  Treatment may not be completed in the one appointment.

Payment for Service

Patients are responsible for paying all fees prior to the beginning of treatment on the day treatment is started.  Fees are assessed using the most current dental hygiene clinic fee schedule.

Dental Scaling, Polishing and Dental Radiographs

$20.00 – Adult patients

$10.00 - Children up to age 17 years old

$  5.00 - Senior citizens (65+), MCC students, faculty, staff and MCC Dental Hygiene graduates


$  5.00 - per tooth/sealant (All patients, students and families)


Broken Appointments Policy

It is the patient’s responsibility to immediately notify the Dental Hygiene clinic if any changes to the appointment day or time are needed.  Patients may be dismissed/inactivated from the Dental Hygiene clinic if two consecutive appointments are canceled with less than 24 hour notice.

It is the patient’s responsibility to update contact information.  Those who fail to inform the Department of the new phone numbers impede our ability to notify the patient of scheduled appointments and health information.