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Important Note For Students

It is very important that students realize that almost all the engineering technology courses (those beginning with CIT, ELT, MCT or MEC) are taught only one semester a year. That is, each course is taught only in the fall semester or only in the spring semester. The only exceptions are MEC123, MCT101, and ELT105. Because many courses have prerequisites taught in preceding semesters, students who fail to take a required prerequisite course (example, CIT105, required in both the civil and mechanical programs, and a prerequisite for CIT203) when it is offered (the spring semester), will find that they cannot take CIT203 when it is offered (in the fall). They must wait until the following spring to take CIT105, and then take CIT203 in the following fall. It is important that each student review the sequence of courses required for his or her engineering technology program on the following links, and to look at the prerequisites notes.

If you have any questions about what courses you need to sign up for, you are urged to seek advice from a member of the Engineering Technologies Department. Some of the issues can be confusing and the department suggests that you consult the chair or a faculty member, rather than going to the advising center.