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Mission & Goals

Mission Statement of the English Department

The English department considers critical reading, writing, and literature study as vital to student success and so aims to ensure that students have the requisite skills for college-level reading, composition and research. The department also aims to ensure that students learn to read critically and write in ways commensurate with those of students in four-year colleges and universities, and that students come to see how writing, critical reading and literature inform their roles in their immediate communities as well as in the world at large. At the same time, the department helps students develop and expand their understanding of the ideas, people and actions which have shaped and continue to shape the world.

Department Goals

  1. To teach students in all disciplines the fundamentals of critical reading, college composition, and research so that they might successfully engage in college-level writing.
  2. To teach students in all disciplines how to analyze, evaluate, and use sophisticated written materials at levels commensurate with those expected of freshmen and sophomores at four-year colleges and universities.
  3. To provide students in all disciplines access to literature courses as a way to fulfill General Education/Humanities requirements, and as a way of expanding students’ understanding of the ideas and forces that affect people and create meaning.
  4. To offer majors in English and in journalism for students who wish to pursue the study of these subjects at four-year institutions after leaving MCC.
  5. To teach developmental courses in reading and writing for students who need them so that they might attain competency in standard written English.
  6. To help students develop critical-thinking skills through reading and writing.
  7. To accommodate the various learning styles and needs of the College’s diverse student population.
  8. To articulate the department’s standards and grading policies to the College community and, when appropriate, to the community at large so that these standards and policies are both clear and understandable and define our expectations for students.
  9. To help cultivate in students a love of reading and writing, and to encourage in them the development of their own voices.