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Department Hours:

Monday – Friday
8:30am – 4:30pm
Appointments available until 6pm

Programs of Study:

ESL, Language & Culture
Liberal Arts – Modern Language (A.A.)

Department News:

ESL Pre-Registration for Summer and Fall 2015 begins on March 31.


ESL Courses

The ESL Program provides five levels of instruction. Each level will have courses in Writing, Reading, Structure (grammar), and Phonology/Discussion. Each of these courses will help students develop the academic English skills needed to be successful in majors and programs at MCC. We offer day, afternoon, and evening classes at both the Edison and Perth Amboy campuses.


Learning Community (Psyched to ExSL)

Students at the fourth level have a unique opportunity to participate in the MCC learning community. A learning community is a group of students and teachers who work together for a semester. The Psyched to ExSL Learning Community helps you learn content material while you receive language support. ESL 093 (Writing), ESL 094 (Reading), and PSY 123 are the classes you take in a block. If you are eligible, you can also take other classes. The learning community is a great way to prepare for taking additional college-level course work.

You will use one textbook (a regular introductory psychology textbook) and work on learning modules in reading and writing using this textbook. In addition to the college skills you will develop, when you successfully complete PSY 123, you receive three (3) credits, which can be applied toward your graduation requirements and even transferred to a four-year New Jersey State University.

Click on this link to find out more about the Learning Community: Fall 2014 Learning Community Flyer


Paired Courses

Another opportunity for students to increase their learning is to take a paired course. In a paired course, you will have the same teacher and the same group of students for two classes. This allows you to build on skills you learned in one class to directly apply them to another class. Plus, you will have the added support of your classmates.

Click on this link to view the paired courses offered for Fall 2014: Fall 2014 ESL Paired Courses


New Student Orientation

Remember, if you are a new ESL student for Spring 2015 you need to come to a New Student Orientation. Orientation will be held:

  • Friday, January 9, 2015 at 1pm in Cafeteria C of the College Center
  • Friday, January 9, 2015 at 5pm in Cafeteria C of the College Center

Please contact the ESL Office at 732-906-2597 for more information.

ESL Student Handbook (click to download)


Modern Languages

Why major in a Foreign Language? Whether you are planning to pursue a career in business, social work, education, law enforcement, or health professions, competency in another language will help distinguish you from the competition. In addition, students who have studied foreign languages:

  • are in demand in business: studying a language exposes you to new cultures and world views, increasing your cultural sensitivity – an important skill for businesses with international connections.
  • are in demand in the government: much like businesses, the government is very interested in people with a background in language and and other cultures.
  • have better cognitive development: students who study foreign languages tend to do better in Math and English courses than students who have not studied a language.
  • have a variety of employment opportunities: Interpreters, Foreign Language Teachers, Health Care Professionals, Marketing Directors, Language Specialists, Lawyers, Border Patrol Agents, Foreign Affairs Specialists, and many other professions are open to students with foreign language backgrounds

If I major in Modern Languages, can I transfer to a four year college or university? Most or all of the credits earned at MCC toward an A.A. degree in Modern Languages will transfer to a four-year college or university depending on MCC's particular transfer/articulation agreements with the institution in mind. You can continue your studies in foreign languages, or peruse other related fields such as linguistics or language acquisition.

Please refer to the Liberal Arts – Modern Language (A.A.) link above for more information about placement testing for language courses.