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Transfer and CLEP Policy Statement

The Modern Language Department accepts the CLEP examination at the elementary and intermediate levels. The Department awards a maximum of three CLEP credits, depending upon the score a student achieves.

CLEP makes it possible for a student to receive credit by examination for life experience or independent learning for which the student has not received previous academic credit. Therefore, a student who has had formal education in a given language for which he or she has already received academic credit cannot be granted CLEP credit in that same language, and at the same level.
Students cannot receive CLEP credit for a given language if their formal education up to the age of fourteen or beyond was in that same language.

Transfer institutions such as Rutgers University, Kean University, Montclair State, or College of New Jersey do not generally allow native speakers to take a language at the elementary or intermediate level. The same is true for students who had two or more years of a language in high school.

However, students who acquired a given language in their home as an ancestral ethnic language, but who have had little or no formal instruction in that language, may take the CLEP examination in that language at any level for up to three humanities-elective credits, provided that the language in question is taught at Middlesex County College. Students in that situation are encouraged to complete their foreign-language requirement in that same language, and also to achieve competence in that language, by taking advanced-level courses in literature, civilization, and composition.

It should be noted that CLEP credit is not granted at the second or fourth levels of a language because the CLEP exam only tests for listening and reading. It does not test for speaking or for writing.

Eligibility to take CLEP examinations is determined by the Chairman and faculty of the Modern Language Department. 
The minimum score needed to receive credit for the elementary level 121 is __55__in French, __50__ in German, __55__ in Spanish.
The minimum score needed to receive credit for the intermediate level 221 is __66__ in French, __63___ in German, __68__in Spanish.

Regarding transferability of Clep credits, please consult the catalogue of the institution to which you wish to transfer.