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Liberal Arts - Modern Language
Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree

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  • Course Outline 2012-2013 (PDF)

One year of Modern Language study (6 credits) is required for all Liberal Arts and Fine Arts students. Students in other curricula may select a language to complete the humanities requirement.

There are two methods to determine what language course is best:

Placement Test
All Liberal Arts students who have had two or more years of French, German, Italian or Spanish are required to take a placement test to determine the language level that is appropriate for them. All other students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this full evaluation of their language proficiency. Otherwise, they will be placed according to previous language background. To take the test, students should go to the Testing Center at JLC Room 229. The test is offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Testing schedules may vary. Students should call the Testing Center at (732) 906-2508 to get the latest schedule.

Previous Language Background
Students who have had a modern language in high school may be placed at a more advanced level than they would if they had no foreign language background at all. For the purpose of determining what level will be the most appropriate, the student can skip one semester course for every year of senior high school language study completed with a grade of B or better. The courses should have been taken in the last three years. The chart below will help find the right course.

121 Level – None
122 Level – 121 or at least one year of high school language study with B or better.
221 Level – 122 or at least two years of high school language study with B or better.
222 Level – 221 or at least three years of high school language study with B or better.
210 Level – This course is meant for people who are native speakers.

Courses 223 Level – 224 Level – 226 Level - 228 Level  are not sequential., and 231- Level 232 Level
are open to students who:

1. Have completed the Intermediate level (221-222 or 210).
2. Are native speakers.
3. Have done a minimum of four years of the language in high school with a grade of at least B at every level.
4. Have been recommended by a faculty member.

The ESL/Languages and Culture Department awards credit for the CLEP examination at the elementary and intermediate levels. The Department awards a maximum of three CLEP credits, depending upon the score a student achieves. The CLEP exam only tests for listening and reading, not for speaking or for writing. Thus, students may receive credit for the 121 elementary level or for 221, the intermediate level. CLEP makes it possible for a student to receive credit by examination for life experience or independent learning for which the student has not received previous academic credit. Therefore, a student who has had formal education in a given language for which he or she has already received academic credit will not receive credit. The minimum score needed to receive credit for the elementary level 121 is 55 in French, 50 in German, 55 in Spanish. The minimum score needed to receive credit for the intermediate level 221 is 66 in French, 63 in German, 68 in Spanish. Students who acquired a given language in their home as an ancestral ethnic language, but who have had little or no formal instruction in that language, may take the CLEP examination in that language at any level for up to three humanities-elective credits, provided that the language in question is taught at Middlesex County College. Students in that situation are encouraged to complete their foreign language requirement in that same language, and also to achieve competence in that language, by taking advanced-level courses in literature, civilization, and composition. Regarding transferability of CLEP credits, the student should consult the catalog of the institution to which they wish to transfer.