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Facilities & Photos

HRI students utilize some of the finest facilities available for instruction in the Hospitality field.  Below is the College Center building, home to the HRI Department.



HRI Computer Lab -CC123

All HRI classrooms are equipped with ceiling mounted projectors and computers to allow for PowerPoint presentations, software demonstrations, and audio/video materials.




HRI students have a computer lab available for assignments in class and for other work during open lab sessions.  Many of the HRI classes taught in this lab utilize industry specific software, the MS Office Suite, and the Internet for research.  The computer lab has the latest in PC technology with 17 inch LCD monitors and up-to-date software.  High speed printers are available in black & white and color. The monitors fold into the desktop and keyboards are put away to provide a flat work surface for other assignments.

There are numerous computer lab facilities spread throughout the campus with over 1,000 individual stations each having a variety of software applications and high-speed Internet access.

A view of the division computer lab in Main Hall 101-102.



Department Home


The Food Lab

This state-of-the-art facility provides hands-on experience for all HRI students.  The lab is modular so that it can be used for the elementary foods course, the quantity foods course, and for the advanced culinary courses.  All necessary cookware, utensils, and serviceware are provided as well as professional instruction in their proper use. 

laboverview2.jpg (106643 bytes)
An overview of the Food Lab (College Center 109) from the front.

labstation3.jpg (116891 bytes)
A view of individual work stations.


Some of the quantity food production equipment.

A recent addition to the lab is the Rational Self Cooking Center.  The Rational is a completely programmable unit which can produce full steam cooking under pressure and full convection cooking up to 550F.  Any combination or sequence of the two is possible.  Programs can be stored on a flash drive and entered into any other Rational.  The food lab has two Rationals for student use.


labviewback.jpg (114518 bytes)
One of the stations near the back.

The Corral Restaurant - Dining Room & Holding Kitchen


The Corral is a one-hundred seat contemporary restaurant that is used by HRI students in the Banquet and Dining Room Management course.  Student management teams create the menu and recipes to be used for a particular luncheon date.  Classmates serve as the staff and rotate positions in the front and back of the house.  Look at the News section of our site for dates and menus.  Luncheons are open to the public, creative, and reasonably priced.

november14 0732

Guests enjoying a luncheon prepared by the Banquet and Dining Room Management Class.

guiltlessgourmetline The serving line in the Corral holding kitchen.


Ice Carving Photos



Vivat Hongpong, internationally acclaimed ice carver demonstrates his skill with a chain saw to the Garde Manger class.  Students then follow the example on their own 300 pound block of ice.



Christina Jordan

Department Home