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Course Offerings

Updated February 17, 2010

The following list represents courses offered through the Biology Department. However, not all courses are offered each semester. Please check the semester course offerings. Clicking on the course number will provide you with a complete course outline in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat is needed to view these files.

•  Basic Biology Bio-010
•  Plants, People & Culture Bio-103
•  Mysteries of the Microbial World Bio-104
•  Heredity, Evolution and Society Bio-105
•  Human Biology, Biomedical Issues and Society Bio-106
•  Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology Bio-108
•  Human Anatomy & Physiology I Bio-111
•  Human Anatomy & Physiology II Bio-112
•  Biology I Bio-117
•  Biology II Bio-118
•  General Biology I Bio-123
•  General Biology II Bio-124
•  Human Structure & Function Bio-131
•  Introduction to Biotechnology: Concepts & Issues Bio-132
•  Ecology Bio-140
•  Protein Purification & Tissue Culture Bio-206
•  Principles of Microbiology Bio-211
•  Microbiology Bio-221
•  Applied Microbiology Bio-224
•  Genetics Bio-228
•  Cell Biology Bio-229
•  Research in Biology Bio-240
•  Introduction to Biomolecules and Molecular Biology Bio-251
•  Introduction to Biomolecules and Molecular Biology Lab Bio-252