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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to do more work for an Honors course?
Although an Honors course provides a more intellectually stimulating environment, this does not mean more work. Rather, the coursework that you will be responsible for will encourage and be conducive to a higher level of learning.

Will the coursework for an Honors course be harder?
Honors course work by its very nature is meant to be intellectually stimulating and challenging. This does not mean that the coursework is any harder to complete; rather, you will be learning how to hone your critical thinking and objective learning skills in a more effective manner.

How will Honors courses affect my GPA?
Honors courses are weighted the same as any other credit bearing course.

Who will my Honors Course Instructors be?
MCC Instructors are not required to teach Honors courses. This means that those instructors who teach Honors Courses choose to do so; therefore, their commitment and vision are in keeping with the Honors Program mission.

Will Honors Courses transfer to 4-year academic institutions in the state of NJ? 
Yes, all Honors courses will transfer to NJ 4-year institutions as either Honors courses or an equivalent non-honors course.