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  1. Attract and retain a diverse group of self-motivated students with high academic and creative talent.
  2. Offer curricula that are innovative, interdisciplinary, and appropriate to advanced learners, with an emphasis on stimulating and participatory course work, experiential and service learning activities, and the effective use of primary sources for research.
  3. Incorporate co-curricular activities that broaden an appreciation for the arts and diverse cultures and points of view.
  4. Promote communication and intellectual exchanges between and among Honors Students and Faculty.
  5. Develop Honors Students with advanced communication, reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  6. Nurture and develop the Honors Student’s holistic sense of self-awareness, social consciousness and involvement as a member of the world community.
  7. Encourage and facilitate the transfer of Honors Graduates into Honors Programs at appropriate senior colleges and universities.
  8. Promote Middlesex County College as an institution dedicated to quality scholarship, education and associated supportive activities, both within and without the campus.