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Which plan of study should I follow?

Here you will find MCC curriculum plans of study designed to match to bachelor degree majors at the universities listed below. The list is limited to certain local colleges and universities where in the past, MCC students have transferred most frequently. These plans also serve as an indicator to the strength of the MCC curricula. Curricula resulting in the AA, AS, or AFA degree are transfer-designated programs and generally, if the MCC curriculum is designed to transfer, then it does so and very well too!

In 2008, the State of New Jersey passed a Transfer Law which added an additional level of protection and respect to the AA and AS degree. Students who earn the AA or AS degree and, have "designed" it with a particular major in mind and, who have been accepted to a 4 year NJ public institution, should expect the degree to be respected, transferred and begin as a junior at that 4 year institution. There are exception concerning certain professional majors and licensed fields, but overall, the New Jersey Transfer Law is working well.

Not all colleges have had plans developed for them but, it is perfectly reasonable to say that for traditional majors in the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, business and engineering, the suggested course pattern for Rutgers University in New Brunswick will satisfy most any college or university in the country. When in doubt, follow the Rutgers-NB model.

Check back frequently for updates as this site is a work in progress. New plans are being developed and will be posted as soon as they are ready.

Centenary College

Kean University

NJIT - being revised due to MCC curriculum changes - the Best Advice is to just follow your MCC program and graduate because NJIT loves MCC grads!

Rider University - being revised due to MCC curriculum changes - Best Advice:  be sure you are in a TRANSFER designated (AA or AS) program,  refer to www.njtransfer.org for elective suggestions - and plan to GRADUATE before transferring.

Rutgers, The State University - being revised due to MCC curriculum changes - Best Advice for RUTGERS: Be sure you are in a TRANSFER designated (AA or AS) program; refer to www.njtransfer.org for elective suggestions; and BE SURE TO GRADUATE. Rutgers honors New Jersey's Transfer Law and thus a graduate from a NJ community college with a "targeted" transfer degree will see all degree credits transfer smoothly and the student should expect to begin with junior standing at Rutgers.