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Statistics Online Courses

At Middlesex County College, Statistics I and II are offered as Internet classes.

For Statistics I (Math 123), the pre-requisite is Algebra II. For Statistics II, the pre-requisite is Statistics I. Students should be able to read and follow math directions, have a TI - 83 or 84 calculator, have computer internet access and have Excel installed on their computer. Students must have good organizational skills. Successful students are able to budget their time appropriately. The amount of time spent for Statistics weekly should mimic the amount of time that would be spent both in class and outside of class studying if the class was taken in a traditional format.

For both classes, students use the College WebCT site to obtain weekly lessons. The lessons are designed to supplement what is presented in the text book. Each lesson summarizes the major points of the topic. In addition, screen clips from both Excel and the TI are presented. Students should print out the lessons, read them and then do the weekly problems. Students may be required to send their solution to selected problems to the instructor.

In Math 123, students will take about 6 quizzes on line. For each quiz, there is a limited amount of time that the quiz will be available. Students will complete 2 projects, either mailing or dropping them off to the instructor. In addition, there will be 3 tests and a final exam, which are taken in the MCC testing center.

In Math 124, students will compete a 2 part project. The project will either be mailed or hand-delivered to the instructor. In addition, there will be 4 tests and a final exam, which are taken in the MCC testing office.

If a student is unable to take the tests in the testing office, alternate arrangements must be made, where the test is taken under appropriate supervision. For example, a student attending another college might take the tests at that college's testing office.

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