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Visiting and Non-Degree Seeking Applicants

1. Complete the Quick Registration/Application Form.

2. Search for Course Sections by semester/term.

3. Complete the registration portion of the Quick Registration/Application Form with the course sections you have selected. Be sure to include the course section number along with the course code (example: BIO 111 C2) as registration cannot be processed without this information. Submit the completed Quick Registration/Application along with proof necessary to demonstrate completion of all course prerequisites to:

  1. Mail: Office of the Registrar, 2600 Woodbridge Avenue, PO Box 3050, Edison, NJ 08818-3050
  2. Fax: 732.906.7785
  3. In-Person: Office of the Registrar, located on the 1st floor of Chambers Hall

Visiting Students: It is highly recommended that visiting students meet with their home institution advisor and review the MCC course descriptions to ensure appropriate academic preparedness for the course(s) to be taken at MCC and that the course(s) meets program requirements and will transfer back to the home college. It is the Visiting Student’s responsibility to verify that the course(s) he or she takes at Middlesex County College will transfer to the home institution and that the student has the prerequisites necessary to succeed in the course.

Other Non-Degree Seeking Students: If the course(s) you wish to take have a prerequisite requirement, you will need to provide proof of having successfully completed the stated prerequisite, in the form of a college transcript or grade report. If you have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher and submit a copy of your diploma or transcript showing the degree awarded, we will waive course prerequisite requirements.