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Fall 2014 Payment Option Plan

Payment Option Plan Worksheet and Application

A student who is registered for six or more credits in the current term is eligible for enrollment in this Plan, provided prior Plan agreements were followed and no other outstanding balance is owed to the College.

$25.00 non-refundable Plan fee is assessed to the term bill after a Plan Application is approved.

The Payment Option Plan consists of three required payments. The first payment is approximately 50% of the outstanding tuition and fees for the current term plus the $25.00 Plan fee. The second and third payments are each half of the remaining outstanding tuition and fees for the current term.

All three required payments must be received by the College no later than the scheduled due dates. A student expecting financial aid must submit payments until his or her financial aid is approved.

#1 - 50% of the term bill with the $25.00 Plan fee and a Plan Application (signed by the student) are due on the same day and by the due date listed on the student’s bill.

#2 - 25% of the term bill  - September 25, 2014

#3 - 25% of term bill - October 23, 2014

Convenient payment options include:
Web: Log on Campus Cruiser at http://prod.campuscruiser.com/middlesexcc. ClickWebAdvisor, then click Make a Payment under the Financial Profile.
After you made your payment, you must fax your Payment Plan Application to the Cashier's office at 732-906-7790.
Phone: (732) 906-2572
Fax: (732) 906-7790 Fax your completed Payment Plan Application with payment information.
In-person: Cashier Office, Chambers Hall, 2nd fl.
U.S. Mail: (Allow 7 days for delivery to:) 
Middlesex County College, Student Account Services Office-CH Hall
2600 Woodbridge Avenue, P.O. Box 3050
Edison, NJ 08818-3050.

The College accepts cash, checks or money orders- made payable to Middlesex County College, and Discover, MasterCard, Visa credit cards.  Credit card information must be submitted each time a credit card is chosen as a payment option.

If the first payment represents less than the 50% of the current balance (e.g. due to a schedule change or a declined payment), the difference is due by the next business day.

If the student’s schedule is reduced to fewer than six credits or the student stops attending Middlesex County College, the student’s total financial obligation is due by the next business day.

Penalties, restricting a student’s access to College services, are reserved for those students who do not follow this Plan, as written.

Middlesex County College reserves the right to impose the following penalties:

  • Cancel a student’s term schedule,
  • Cancel the student’s payment plan and require immediate payment of the student’s total financial obligation,
  • Prohibit registration and/ or prohibit the receipt and transmission of transcripts (grades) until the student’s total financial obligation is paid
  • Reject any future Plan Applications submitted while a student’s account has an MP restriction, indicating the student did not follow a previous Plan, as written,
  • Charge the student penalty fees for dishonored check and/ or unpaid balance,
  • Refer the student’s account to a collection agency and/or take legal action with the understanding that all expenses and penalties incurred will be paid by the student.