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Mission Statement

Providing a safe and secure environment where a quality education may be achieved is the responsibility of the entire community. Within our community, the Middlesex County College Police Department is committed to its leadership role in developing programs, methods and approaches to assist the institution toward achieving a reasonably safe and secure environment.

The department exists to support the goals of the college and to assist those who seek and impart knowledge, as well as those who provide support to the mission of the institution.

The department strives to provide an environment where diverse social, cultural and academic values may prosper and grow and, as dedicated law enforcement, professionally will serve all persons equally, without regards to race, color, creed, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Philosophy of Policing

In order to build and maintain a positive, supportive, and cooperative relationship between the College Community and the Police Department, it is important to know and understand the philosophy of policing and police service, which is the backbone of the Middlesex County College Police Department.

It is our responsibility, as a police department and as police personnel, to do whatever is legally, morally and ethically correct to maintain the public safety and assist members of the community in any way possible.  We shall strive to keep Middlesex County College campuses safe and free of crime.  To do this, it is important for every police person to seek the delicate balance between the spirit of the law and the letter of the law.  It is our job to use common sense in doing what is necessary to keep the community safe, without being looked upon as being overly aggressive and oppressive.  We, as a police department, are here to do many things.  Among them is to provide quality of work that is of the highest order of excellence and professionalism.  Our arrests will be solid, not borderline or marginal.  Our conduct will be above reproach and we will work continuously to build a better rapport with our culturally diverse community.