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Police Blotter

December 2008

Lost/Missing Property - Instructional Resource Center Room 107 12/30/08 01:50 PM
An individual reported on 12/30/08 that he lost his wallet on 12/19/08. The wallet contained a debit card and several forms of ID. Open Case.

Medical - Physical Education Center 12/29/08 10:43 AM
An individual fainted and was feeling ill. After declining medical attention, the patient was transported home by a family member. Closed - C.

Medical - College Center 12/17/08 11:49 AM
An individual complained of feeling lightheaded. He was transported to the Nurse's office. Closed - C.

Towed Vehicle - Parking Lot #1 12/15/08 11:39 AM
An individual's vehicle was towed after it was determined that his license and registration were both suspended. Closed - C.

Medical - Physical Education Center 12/10/08 04:07 PM
An individual slipped and fell down turning her ankle. Closed - C.

Medical - Outside Technical Services Center 12/09/08 07:27 AM
An individual tripped and feel outside of the Technical Services Center. The patient's cut was cleaned and bandaged, but she refused further medical attention. Closed - C.

Attempted Motor Vehicle Theft - Parking Lot #1 12/08/08 09:29 AM
An individual broke into a motor vehicle parked in Lot 1 and attempted to steal it, but was caught in the act and subsequently arrested. Closed - A.

Hit and Run - Parking Lot 6A 12/04/08 02:47 PM
Upon returning to the his vehicle parked in Lot 6A, the owner noticed damage to the front passenger's side bumper. Closed - C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot 6A 12/04/08 01:55 PM
The back ends of Vehicle #1 and Vehicle #2 collided as both drivers were backing out of parking spaces. Neither driver saw the other one. Minor damage was sustained on both vehicles. Closed - C.

Concerned Student - Parking Lot #4 12/04/08 01:42 PM
An individual reported that someone spit on his car. He stated that he did not know the person's name, but did have a witness to the incident. Open Case.

Classroom Conflict - Edison Campus 12/04/08 03:20 PM
An individual reported that after making a comment to everyone in class, one student became hostile towards her. To avoid further conflict, she refrained from making additional comments. Closed - C.

Arrest - Edison Campus 12/04/08 05:15 PM
Subsequent to conducting a motor vehicle stop, an individual was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Closed - A.

Towed Vehicle - Parking Lot #11 12/03/08 12:48 PM
A vehicle was towed from Lot 11 after it was determined that there was a large number of outstanding unpaid parking and moving violations against the vehicle. Closed - C.

Disruption - Library 12/03/08 09:40 AM
An individual became upset after being involved in a confrontation at the Library. Open Case.

Medical - L'Hommedieu Hall 12/03/08 07:31 PM
An individual fell and hurt her ankle. The patient was transported via EMS to a local hospital. Closed - C.

Struck Pedestrian - College Drive East 12/03/08 03:50 PM
On December 3rd, an individual came to Police Headquarters to report that on Nov. 25 at approximately 8:15 pm, he was struck by a vehicle while crossing College Dr. between Lot 1 and Lot 2. Though he stated that there were witnesses, he did not obtain their names nor did he contact police at the time of the occurrence. Closed - C.

Lost/Missing Property - Unknown Location 12/02/08 08:20 AM
An individual reported that he lost his keys, including a college room key, car key and house keys, sometime over the last two weeks. Open Case.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #6 12/01/08 09:29 AM
While pulling out of a parking space, the driver of Vehicle #1 backed up and struck Vehicle #2 striking it on the passenger side. No injuries were reported. Closed - C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Woodbridge Avenue 12/01/08 05:30 PM
As Vehicle #2 was beginning to move in traffic, it was struck from behind by Vehicle #1 which was approaching too quickly and could not stop. Both vehicles were towed from the scene. Closed - C.