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April 2008

Criminal Mischief - Johnson Learning Center 04/30/08 07:30 AM
Someone drew green lines on the walls in JLC from the top of the staircase to the bottom and continued out to the front sliding door of IRC. Open Case.

Fire Alarm - Edison Hall 04/30/08 10:28 AM
Edison Hall was evacuated due to a fire alarm activation. The fire department was called to the scene. Upon investigation, it was determined that a pull station near exit doors #16 and #17 was found in the down position. No suspects or witnesses were present. Open Case.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #4 04/29/08 01:39 PM
Vehicle #1 was traveling east through Lot #4 when it was struck by Vehicle #2. Vehicle #1 sustained substantial damage and was towed from the scene. Vehicle #2 sustained minimal damage. Closed - C.

Medical - JLC 126 04/29/08 05:34 PM
An individual cut his hand on a knife and self-administered gauze to the wound. EMS was called to the scene but the individual refused further medical attention. Closed - C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Mill Road 04/29/08 02:03 PM
Vehicle #2 struck Vehicle #1 from behind. Vehicle #1 sustained damage to the rear bumper and trunk. Vehicle #2 sustained minor damage to the front bumper. The driver of Vehicle #1 complained of chest pain, the passenger complained of back pain. Both were transported to a local hospital. Closed - C.

Lost/Missing Property - College Center 04/29/08 06:00 PM
An individual reported having lost his wallet possibly in the vicinity of College Center sometime after 8:30 am on 4/29/08. Closed - C.

Simple Assault - College Center 04/28/08 12:04 PM
An individual came into Headquarters requesting to file assault charges against another individual who had attempted to strike her in the face on 4/25/08. While attempting to avoid the assault, the victim struck her head against a vehicle. Open Case.

Assault - Front of College Center 04/25/08 10:30 PM
An woman was arrested for striking another individual in the head with her hands. Closed - A.

Medical - West Hall 04/24/08 04:25 AM
While attempting to close a window which was stuck, a staff member accidentally broke the glass causing a laceration to his hand. EMS transported the patient to a local hospital. Closed - C.

Hit and Run - Parking Lot #6A 04/23/08 02:25 PM
Vehicle #1 was parked in Lot 6A facing west at 10:00 am. Damage was discovered on the driver's side front bumper at 2:00 pm. There are no known witnesses at this time. Open Case.

Fire Alarm - Main Hall 04/22/08 10:21 AM
An experiment caused some smoke in the lab which set off the smoke detector. The situation was resolved before the arrival of the fire department. After the alarm was re-set the building was open for occupancy. Closed - C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #1 04/22/08 02:57 PM
Two vehicles were backing out of parking spaces and collided with each other causing damage to both vehicles. Closed - C.

Hit and Run - Parking Lot #1B 04/17/08 03:42 PM
An individual noticed damage to her vehicle which had been parked in Lot 1B between 3:30 pm and 3:40 pm. The driver's side front and back doors had sustained damage. No known witnesses at this time. Open Case.

Possible Suspicious Activity - Parking Lot #2 04/17/08 04:47 PM
An individual was observed attempting to remove college property. This case is presently being investigated. Open case. 4/24/08 - Subsequent to investigation, the situation was resolved. Closed - C.

Defiant Trespass/Harassment - Outside IRC/Library 04/17/08 10:15 AM
A student wanted to report being harassed by another individual. It was subsequently determined that the individual was not enrolled in classes for the current semester and was issued a defiant trespass warning. Closed - A.

Hit and Run - Parking Lot #6 04/16/08 03:05 PM
Vehicle #1 sustained damage to its right front bumper while parked in Lot 6 between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:30 pm. No known witnesses at this time. Open Case.

Criminal Simulation - Middlesex County College 04/14/08 09:15 AM
Using what appeared to be a professor's email address, an individual fraudulently sent emails to his fellow students. Open case. \ Update 7/22/08: After a full investigation, it was not possible to find a match of the suspect's email address with the service provider. Closed - C.

Arrest - Middlesex County College 04/14/08 01:56 PM
An individual was taken into custody after it was determined that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Closed - A.

Medical - Physical Education Center 04/11/08 12:10 PM
An individual slipped while showering and struck his head on the floor causing a moderate/severe laceration. EMS was called to the scene and the patient was transported to a local hospital for observation. Closed - C.

Arrest - Woodbridge Avenue 04/10/08 10:44 AM
An individual was taken into custody after it was determined that there was a warrant out for her arrest. Closed - A.

Terroristic Threats - College Center 04/09/08 02:00 PM
Students reported being threatened by another individual and felt their safety was in danger. The suspect was subsequently arrested. Closed - A.

Arrest - College Drive East 04/09/08 10:05 AM
An individual was taken into custody after it was determined that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Closed - A.

Medical - Johnson Learning Center 04/07/08 03:57 PM
A student cut her finger while working on an art project. The student was treated at the scene. Closed - C.

Arrest - College Drive East 04/04/08 09:45 PM
An individual was taken into custody after it was determined that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Closed - A.

Disruptive Behavior - Technical Services Center 04/03/08 11:24 AM
An individual was asked to leave the classroom after the Professor deemed the student to be disruptive. Subsequently, the student was asked to speak with the Chairperson of the department. RTD.

Fire Alarm - Edison Hall 04/03/08 10:52 AM
A fire alarm was accidentally activated in Edison Hall by a student. Edison Fire Department was called to the scene and the alarm was reset. Closed - C.

Altercation - Library 04/02/08 01:47 PM
A staff member requested that an individual not be on the cell phone while in the Library. The subject, not knowing who the staff member was, nudged past him ignoring his request. After speaking with both parties, neither wished to pursue the incident further. Closed - C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Dr. East/Parkside Dr. 04/02/08 12:30 PM
As Vehicle #1 was entering College Dr. East from Parkside Dr., it collided with Vehicle #2. Major door damage was sustained by Vehicle #2, Vehicle #1 sustained significant scratches and paint damage to its front bumper. No injuries. Closed - C.

Concerned Student - College Center / PAC 04/02/08 11:32 AM
A student expressed concerns regarding an individual with whom she felt uncomfortable being around. The individual was advised of the student's concern and told to leave the female classmate alone. Closed - C.