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Police Blotter

May 2008

Disruptive Behavior - Instructional Resource Center 05/28/08 09:43 PM
An individual requested a group of students to quiet down. They in turn became confrontational. The individual requested that police escort her to her vehicle to avoid any possible confrontation. Closed - C.

Disabled Vehicle - Woodbridge Avenue 05/28/08 01:30 AM
Two vehicles were stopped in front of the college, one having a flat tire and the other assisting in repairs. Upon investigation, it was determined that the driver of the disabled vehicle was intoxicated. A family member was contacted to provide transportation to the individual. The driver of the second vehicle was unlicensed. Both vehicles were towed. Closed - C.

Theft - Raritan Hall Rm. 225 05/22/08 05:13 PM
It was reported that sometime between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, someone had taken 19 teacher edition books from the above location. There are no known suspects at this time. Open Case.

Hit and Run - Lot #12 05/22/08 02:53 PM
An individual reported that upon returning to her vehicle she discovered that the driver's side rear door and bumper were damaged. Open Case.

Suspicious Activity - Physical Education Center 05/16/08 05:28 PM
Headquarters was notified of a male and female sharing a sauna and engaging in possibly suspicious activity. Both individuals were advised that at no time should the sauna be shared by members of the opposite sex. Closed - C.

Harassing Phone Call - Chambers Hall 05/13/08 01:59 PM
A staff member reported receiving a voicemail message which contained inappropriate language and content. The callers voice was not recognizable and a trace on the incoming number yielded negative results. Closed - C.

Medical - College Center 05/12/08 12:06 PM
An individual fell and landed on her knees. The victim complained of leg pain, EMS was notified and she was transported via ambulance to a local hospital. Closed - C.

Disturbing Correspondence - Edison Campus 05/12/08 09:15 AM
A faculty member wanted to have a report on file regarding correspondence she received last semester from a former student. The faculty member reported the issue was being handled with the assistance of the Counseling Center, but wanted the police to be advised. Closed C.

Medical - Johnson Learning Center 05/09/08 05:00 AM
An individual complained of severe pain on the right side of his back underneath the shoulder blade possibly caused by heavy lifting. The patient was transported to a local hospital. Closed - C.

Lost/Missing Property - South I 05/08/08 03:15 PM
A staff member reported having lost his key sometime between 4:30 pm and 7:15 pm on 5/7/08. Closed - C.

Road Rage - Parking Lot #6 05/08/08 02:58 PM
Upon entering the campus from Woodbridge Avenue and merging into one lane, an individual stated that the driver behind her began honking his horn. The victim pulled into Lot #6 and the driver pulled in yelling at her and punched his fist on her car. He then left the scene. A search of the campus for a vehicle matching the description yielded negative results. Open Case.

Careless Driving - Chambers Drive 05/06/08 03:27 PM
An officer witnessed a student driving carelessly on the campus including nearly striking a pedestrian who was crossing the street. The student was issued a summons for her violations. Referred to CSC.

Possible Theft - Edison Campus 05/05/08 05:30 PM
A professor loaned a book to a student in need with the understanding that it would be returned when the book was no longer needed. The professor sought police intervention in retrieving his property. Closed - C.

Criminal Mischief - Outside Gateway 05/05/08 04:34 PM
An individual was observed carving into a tree with a razorblade. The razorblade was confiscated and Code of Student Conduct charges are pending. CSC.

Medical Call - Bluecolt Dr. / Bus route 05/02/08 08:06 AM
An officer discovered an individual lying on the sidewalk unresponsive while simultaneously a 911 call was recieved at the call center. Edison First Aid was dispatched to transport the individual to a local hospital. Closed C.

Simple Assault - Instructional Resource Center 05/01/08 04:43 PM
An individual claimed that he was choked while sitting at a computer in IRC while joking with the suspect's girlfriend. The suspect stated that he placed his hands on the victim's shoulders as the victim was verbally harassing his girlfriend. Both parties were advised of their rights. Closed - C.