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Police Blotter

July 2008

Threat - Parking Lot #1 07/31/08 05:00 PM
An individual reported that upon returning to his car in Lot #1, he found what appeared to be a threatening note and reported it as such to the police. It was later determined to have been an apparent joke left by a friend. Closed - C.

Criminal Mischief - New Studio Theater 07/29/08 11:27 AM
A staff member reported finding damage to a wall in the lower level lobby of the New Studio Theater which consisted of a hole/crack approximately 4 feet in length by 3 feet in width. Open Case.

Recovered Property - College Center 07/23/08 03:00 PM
An individual reported losing her wallet sometime around 3:00 PM on July 22nd in the vicinity of the College Center, Testing area. The wallet has not yet been recovered. Update 7/23/08: A staff member reported finding this wallet in a couch in College Center. The individual was advised that her wallet was found and that she could come in to retrieve it. Closed - C.

Criminal Mischief - Instructional Resource Center 07/23/08 08:58 AM
A staff member reported finding damage to study cubicles and a dried red substance on the carpet in the Instructional Resource Center. Open Case.

Criminal Mischief - Chambers Hall 07/23/08 08:55 AM
A staff member reported finding graffiti on the stairwell located in Chambers Hall. Open Case.

Recovered Property - Chambers Hall 07/17/08 04:35 PM
A cell phone was found on the desk of Kiosk 3 located in Chambers Hall. Unsuccessful attempts were made to locate the owner of the phone. As the officer left the building, he was approached by an individual who subsequently was identified as the owner of the phone. Closed - C.

Arrest - Parking Lot #1 07/16/08 01:48 PM
An individual was arrested on a cruelty charge after it was discovered that he left his dog in his car for an extended period of time in excessive temperatures. Closed - A.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #4 07/15/08 09:00 AM
While attempting to pull into a parking space, Vehicle #2 hit the front end of Vehicle #1 causing damage to both vehicles. Vehicle #2 then left the scene. Vehicle #2 was later found in Parking Lot #1 and the driver was charged accordingly. Closed - C.

Arrest - Woodbridge Avenue 07/15/08 11:58 AM
An individual was arrested on an outstanding warrant after being stopped for a traffic violation. Closed - A.

Hit and Run - Parking Lot #6 07/10/08 12:19 PM
An individual reported that while her car was parked in Lot #6, it sustained a dent and scratches on the driver side fender. She subsequently moved the vehicle to Headquarters to report the incident. Open Case.

Lost/Missing Property - Main Hall 07/09/08 09:53 PM
A student came to Main Hall in an attempt to find a flashdrive which she had left in the computer she was working on. The flashdrive could not be located. Closed - B.

Medical - Chambers Hall 07/09/08 04:09 PM
An individual became nauseous and light headed while in Chambers Hall. She declined medical treatment and was transported off campus by a family member. Closed - C.

Lost/Missing Property - Edison Hall 07/08/08 09:59 AM
An individual reported that sometime on 7/7/08 between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm, he realized that the camera he was carrying was no longer there. He retraced his steps to try and locate it, but to no avail. Closed - B.

Arrest - Edison Campus 07/07/08 02:46 PM
An individual was arrested on an outstanding warrant after he was observed soliciting on private property. Closed - A.

Arrest - Parkside Drive 07/07/08 11:30 AM
An individual, in violation of a defiant trespass notice, was arrested upon returning to campus. Closed - A.

Shattered Window in Vehicle - Parking Lot #11 07/02/08 01:29 PM
Vehicle 1 was parked in Lot 11. When the driver returned to the vehicle, he noticed that the rear window had shattered. Foul play was not suspected. Closed - C.