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January 2009

Medical - Sidewalk in front of IRC 01/30/09 05:45 PM
A faculty member slipped on the ice in front of IRC falling on her knees. She declined medical attention. Closed - C.

Criminal Mischief - Parking Lot #6 01/30/09 04:17 PM
After parking her car in Lot 6, a student returned to her vehicle to find scratches on the hood which she stated were not there prior to class. There are no known witnesses at this time. Open Case.

Harassment - Edison Hall 01/30/09 02:40 PM
A student stated that she had been harassed by a former acquaintance. The victim overheard the suspect talking about her and a family member. Out of concern for her safety, she filed a police report. Open Case.

Discharged Fire Extinguisher - South 1 01/29/09 04:40 PM
An employee reported that someone broke the safety strap off of a fire extinguisher and discharged it. No other information is known at this time. Open Case.

Dispute - College Center - PAC 01/27/09 09:11 AM
Police responded to a verbal dispute in the dining services room regarding a staff member checking a student's sandwich to determine pricing. The student was informed of the dining services policy and advised accordingly. Closed - C.

Check on Welfare - Technical Services Center 01/27/09 06:48 PM
An individual was concerned about the well being of a family member and requested police check on his status. The person in question was located and asked that police assure his family that he was fine. Closed - C.

Fire Alarm - Chambers Hall Stairwell 01/26/09 07:14 PM
A fire alarm was activated in the stairwell of Chambers Hall. Police and fire arrived on the scene. The odor of a cigarette was found outside near the door that exits from the stairwell. After receiving an all clear, maintenance personnel reset the alarm. Open Case.

Lost/Missing Property - BlueColt Bookstore 01/26/09 04:15 PM
A student called police to report his bookbag was missing. Subsequent investigation revealed that the student's bookbag had accidentally been given to another student because the two bags were similar looking. The other student was contacted and the correct bookbags were ultimately returned to the rightful owners. Update 2/3/09: After realizing that one of the books was missing from the bookbag, the Bookstore provided the needed book to the student. Closed C.

Theft - College Center 01/22/09 03:54 PM
An individual reported having lost his wallet. He cancelled his debit and credit cards but found that before cancelling, a purchase was made on one of the cards. The wallet also contained a social security card and driver's license. Open Case.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Technology Drive 01/22/09 01:27 PM
The driver of Vehicle #1 struck a light pole while attempting to back up causing the pole to fall. The vehicle sustained damage to its rear bumper. The light pole sustained extensive damage. Closed - C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 01/22/09 11:00 AM
Vehicle #1 was stopped in traffic when it was rear ended by Vehicle #2. Vehicle #1 sustained minor damage to its bumper. No injuries were reported. Closed - C.

Verbal Dispute - Chambers Hall 01/21/09 08:45 AM
A student became upset after learning that he did not have the proper credentials to complete a transaction. The matter was settled without incident. Closed - C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #4 01/21/09 09:50 AM
Vehicle #1 struck Vehicle #2 after proceeding through a stop sign. Vehicle #2 sustained damage to the front left bumper. Vehicle #1 sustained damage to the right front bumper and headlight. There were no injuries. Closed - C.

Harassment - South 1 01/20/09 02:14 PM
A student reported being concerned for her safety after receiving continued calls and text messages from her ex-boyfriend who is also a student. Both individuals were advised of their options under the law and instructed to stop all communication with each other. Both students were referred separately to the Counseling Department. RTD.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 01/19/09 12:00 PM
A motor vehicle apparently skidded off the roadway and veered into a sign which gives directions to drivers for building locations and parking lots. There were visible tire tracks in the snow which showed the path of the vehicle. No one reported being in an accident. There are no known witnesses or suspects. Open Case.

Medical - West Hall Steps 01/14/09 06:19 PM
An individual tripped and fell outside of West Hall. The patient requested an ice pack but refused further medical attention. Closed - C.

Theft - Bookstore 01/12/09 03:03 PM
An individual attempted to leave the Bookstore with several books which were not paid for. An employee approached the individual, who then gave up the books and fled on foot. Open Case.

Medical - Technical Services Center 01/09/09 10:44 AM
A staff member complained of feeling nauseous and dizzy. She was transported off campus by a family member. Closed - C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #4 01/06/09 03:00 PM
While attempting to park, Vehicle #2 struck Vehicle #1 on the rear passenger side. Minimal damage was sustained by both vehicles. Closed - C.

Property Damage - Main Hall 01/06/09 08:33 AM
Staff members reported damage to a bench located outside of Main Hall. There were minor scratches noted on the front left corner of the bench. No signs of criminal mischeif were present. There are no known witnesses. Open Case.

Arrests - Parking Lot #1 01/02/09 11:50 AM
Subsequent to conducting a motor vehicle stop, two individuals were arrested on outstanding warrants. Closed - A.