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December 2010

Medical - Facilities Maintenance 12/29/10 10:00 PM
An individual slipped and fell on an icy roadway outside Facilities. The victim stated that she did not hurt herself and refused medical treatment. Closed - C.

Suspicious Activity - Edison Hall 12/22/10 04:30 PM
An individual reported a suspicious person using a computer in Room 119. The suspect stated that he was an alumni, not a current student. He was advised that he was not allowed to use the computer. The suspect left the scene. This matter is under investigation. Open Case.

Dispute - Physical Education Center 12/17/10 06:48 PM
An individual reported excessive abusive language coming from the gym. A verbal dispute incurred. Police spoke with the parties involved and the situation was resolved. Closed - C.

Medical - Edison Hall 12/17/10 06:35 AM
An individual became ill experiencing severe abdominal pain, shortness of breath and numbness to hands and arms. EMS transported the patient to a local hospital. Closed - C.

Criminal Mischief - Parking Lot #4 12/17/10 02:24 PM
Upon returning to his vehicle, an individual discovered damage to the passenger side door and rear corner panel. There were scratches about the length of the door and approx. a foot long on the rear corner panel made by an unknown object. There are no known suspects or witnesses at this time. Open Case.

Criminal Mischief - Parking Lot #4 12/17/10 11:09 AM
Upon returning to her vehicle, an individual discovered a long deep scratch from the rear passenger door to the front passenger door. The same scratch was made to the driver's side of the car. There a no known suspects or witnesses at this time. Open Case.

Intoxication - Johnson Learning Center 12/16/10 07:03 PM
An individual was vomiting in the downstairs men's bathroom after consuming alcohol. This matter was referred to Code of Student Conduct. CSC.

Theft - Library 12/16/10 12:19 PM
An individual reported that someone had taken his textbook from his backpack while he was studying at the Library. This textbook was then sold back to the Bookstore. During the investigation, the textbook was returned to the rightful owner. Open Case.

Fire Alarm - College Center 12/16/10 01:50 PM
A lit sterno was accidentally dropped causing part of a tile to burn and activated the fire alarm. College Center was evacuated. The Fire Department reset the alarm once it was deemed safe and the occupants were allowed back in the building. Closed - C.

Theft - L'Hommedieu Hall 12/15/10 02:35 PM
A faculty member reported that several electric toothbrushes used for demonstration purposes were taken from the Dental Clinic and possibly a sum of money sometime during the week of 12/6/10. Open Case.

Theft - Physical Education Center 12/14/10 05:00 PM
An individual reported that on 4/24/10 between the hours of 11:00 am and 12:30 pm, someone had removed his check card and credit card from an unsecured locker in the men's locker room. The victim was not back on campus for an interim, but wanted at this point to report the situation. He had previously handled the matter with his bank. Open Case.

Assault - Instructional Resource Center 12/14/10 01:10 PM
Three individuals became involved in a dispute. One of the parties then allegedly struck one of the victim's in the face and pulled her hair. The victim requested the incident be documented but did not desire further police action. Open Case.

Assault - Instructional Resource Center 12/14/10 12:50 PM
Police responded to the IRC on the report of an individual who had been involved in an altercation. There were scratches on the victim's cheeks and forehead as well as redness under her eyes. The victim was transported to Headquarters to document her injuries and provide a voluntary statement. She was advised of her rights. Open Case.

Fire Alarm - Library 12/12/10 11:33 AM
A fire alarm activated in the Library. There were no signs of smoke or fire. Edison Fire arrived on the scene and the alarm panel was reset. Closed - C.

Lost/Missing Property - Lower Level Men's Room 12/10/10 12:32 PM
An individual placed his belongings on the counter in the restroom. Approximately 15 minutes after exiting the restroom, he realized his cell phone was missing. Closed - C.

Lost/Missing Property - College Center 12/10/10 12:32 PM
An individual reported that he left his cell phone in the men's room on the lower level. When he returned to retrieve the phone about 15 minutes later, it was no longer there. Closed - C.

Theft - Parking Lot #5 12/10/10 02:40 PM
An employee reported noticing that the spare tire for a college van was missing. The area on the rear bumper of the van designated for lowering the tire was open and appeared to be altered. There are no known witnesses or suspects at this time. Open Case.

Lost/Missing Property - Edison Campus 12/10/10 03:53 PM
An staff member reported losing a key and was advised to notify MCCPD if she should locate the key. Closed - C.

Concerned Professor - Edison Hall 12/07/10 10:00 PM
A professor came to police requesting help for one of his students. The professor reported the student showed obvious signs that she was suffering some emotional distress and made some concerning comments during class. The student was subsequently connected with members of the Counseling and Career Center for further assistance. RTD.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 12/07/10 01:38 PM
Vehicle #1 was stopped at a red light when it was struck in the rear by Vehicle #2 which failed to stop. Vehicle #1 sustained damage to the rear bumper. Vehicle #2 had no visible damage. Closed - C.

Smoke (Odor) - Main Hall 12/06/10 02:07 AM
An odor of smoke was detected coming from Room 106. Edison Fire was called to the scene. Upon investigation, it was determined that a ballist in the light fixture was the source. Closed - C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #1 12/06/10 09:18 AM
Vehicle #1 was backing out of a parking spot when it was struck by Vehicle #2 which was backing down the roadway. Both vehicles sustained minimal damage. Closed - C.

Miscellaneous - Parking Lot #16 12/06/10 05:45 PM
An individual stated that as he was walking from Lot #16 towards the P.E. Center, he noticed a car approaching him. After making eye contact with the driver, the vehicle was driven right in front of him striking his right hand with the vehicle's driver's side mirror. The victim was not able to provide the vehicle's plate number and did not want medical attention, but did want to file a report. Closed - C.

Theft - Main Hall 12/06/10 10:09 AM
An employee reported a computer missing from room 118. The computer was not out for repairs/service. There are no known suspects or witnesses at this time. Open Case.

Suspicious Activity - South II 12/02/10 07:22 PM
An individual reported that he witnessed someone mistakenly pick up his textbook and notebook after class and leave with them. He was attempting to make contact with this individual but as yet has not received any feedback. Open Case.

Miscellaneous - Johnson Learning Center 12/01/10 04:25 AM
Police received a report of a red substance in the downstairs men's bathroom. Upon investigation, it appeared to be blood dripped on the floor, sink and in and around the trash bin. There were no reports of injury and there was no one present at the time of discovery. Closed - C.

Suspicious Persons - Behind Physical Education Center 12/01/10 03:04 PM
A report was received regarding individuals possibly smoking marijuana behind the P.E. Center. Upon investigation, the suspects were not in possession of marijuana and left the scene without further incident. Closed - C.

Harassment - Main Hall 12/01/10 09:15 AM
An individual stated that she was made to feel uncomfortable by a person with whom she had a prior history of harassment with. The suspect was staring at the victim to the point at which she felt uncomfortable; he then left the scene. Open Case.

Criminal Mischief - Parking Lot #6 12/01/10 10:55 AM
An individual returned to his vehicle to find that it had been damaged. The driver's side mirror was laying on the ground, his rear bumper was sticking out from the panel and the passenger front door had been scratched. The front passenger mirror was not attached and was not lying on the ground. Open Case.