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August 2010

Medical - South I 08/28/10 09:15 AM
After stepping in water, an individual slipped and twisted her lower left back and right foot. The patient refused medical treatment. Maintenance was notified of the situation. Closed - C.

Medical - South I 08/27/10 04:00 PM
An individual became dizzy and faint while standing on line. The patient stated that she had not eaten and has a history of diabetes. The patient was treated at the scene and after feeling better was transported home by a family member. Closed - C.

Arrest - College Drive East 08/25/10 10:42 AM
An individual was taken into custody after it was determined that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Closed - A.

Verbal Dispute - Library 08/21/10 03:05 PM
A member of the community wanted to have on record an incident that occurred on Facebook back in May with a former friend and colleague. According to the complainant, while the two women were once friends, the relationship had since deteriorated to the point where the former friend threatened to "sweep the floor" with her. The complainant reported that there has been no contact between the two ladies since that time. Closed - C.

Verbal Dispute - South I 08/19/10 04:50 PM
An individual became upset when he was not able to speak with a supervisor who, at the time, was unavailable. Arrangements were made for the two to meet. The individual then left without further incident. Closed - C.

Disruptive Behavior - Chambers Hall 08/19/10 02:27 PM
An individual became loud and disruptive while waiting in Chambers Hall believing he was skipped over while on line. The issue was resolved and the individual left without further incident. Closed - C.

Fire Alarm - L'Hommedieu Hall 08/17/10 03:45 AM
An officer was dispatched to LH Room 156 for an activated smoke detector. There was no indication of fire. The Fire Department tried unsuccessfully to reset the alarm. The matter was referred to the Maintenance Department. Closed - C.

Suspicious Activity - 08/17/10 07:45 PM
An individual reported that when he left campus on 8/16/10, he believed that someone followed him off campus onto Woodbridge Avenue to I-95 at which point the suspicious driver pulled away. UPDATE 8/17/2010: Upon further investigation, it was determined that the suspicious driver happened to travel the same route as the complainant while exiting campus. No further suspicious activity has been reported. Closed - C.

Motor Vehicle Stop - Woodbridge Avenue 08/15/10 05:52 AM
A vehicle was detected traveling at a high rate of speed. A motor vehicle stop was conducted and it was determined that the vehicle was unregistered. The vehicle was towed and the driver issued summonses for careless driving and operating an unregistered vehicle. Closed - C.

Misc. Assist - Library 08/11/10 12:40 AM
Officers responded to an individual who was stuck in the elevator in the Library. A power outage had caused the elevator to malfunction. Closed - C.

Soliciting - College Center 08/11/10 02:36 PM
Juveniles were found to be soliciting in front of College Center and the Performing Arts Center. The adult in charge of the group was advised that soliciting on the college campus was not allowed without the proper authorizations. The group left without further incident. Closed - C.

Theft - South I 08/10/10 03:00 PM
An individual reported losing his wallet at approximately 12:30 pm; at 12:43 the wallet was recovered. The victim reported that a sum of money was missing from the wallet. Open Case.

Missing/Lost Property - South I 08/10/10 08:55 AM
An individual reported losing his Alien Registration Card in South I at approximately 6:00 pm on 8/5/2010. Closed - C.

Spill - Parking Lot #6 08/09/10 12:07 PM
A vehicle parked in Lot 6 was dripping gasoline from the undercarriage. The Fire Department arrived at the site, speedy dry absorbent material was placed on the spill and the vehicle was towed from the scene. Closed - C.

Motor Vehicle Stop - Woodbridge Avenue and College Dr. East 08/08/10 01:03 AM
A vehicle was observed making an illegal U turn on Woodbridge Avenue. Upon initiating a motor vehicle stop, two open containers of alcohol were found. The driver was charged accordingly. Closed - C.

Criminal Mischief - Technical Service Center 08/06/10 12:03 AM
Someone defiled the men's restroom located on the first floor of TSC. There are no known suspects at this time. Open Case.

Burglary - East Hall 08/06/10 10:51 AM
A staff member reported that her clock radio was missing from her office and presumed taken sometime between July 12 and August 4, 2010. There are no known witnesses at this time. UPDATE: On Sept 1, 2010 the staff member called to report that the clock radio was recovered in another location within the building. Open Case.

Theft - Blue Colt Bookstore 08/05/10 04:00 PM
While shopping at the Bookstore, a individual left his backpack in the store's lobby. Upon returning to the lobby, he noticed that his backpack was missing. Among items in the backpack were pens, pencils, a dissecting kit, electric translator, calculator, binder, tape recorder and lab manual. Open Case.

Medical - PE Center 08/04/10 05:24 PM
After swimming, an individual became light-headed and felt as though he was going to pass out. EMS treated the individual at the scene. Closed - C.

Trespassing - Instructional Resource Center 08/04/10 04:02 AM
A student was found in the IRC after the building was closed. The student stated that she was unaware that the building had been closed. She was advised of the College's trespassing policy. The individual was escorted off campus without further incident. Closed - C.

Fire Alarm - Physical Education Center 08/03/10 04:17 PM
Subsequent to a fire alarm being activated in the P.E. Center, the building was evacuated. The Fire Department arrived on site. It was determined that a toaster oven set off the alarm, though there were no signs of fire. The alarm was reset and occupants were allowed back in the Center. Closed - C.