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June 2011

Theft - Physical Education Center 06/29/11 08:47 AM
An individual's wallet was taken from an unsecured locker. Items in the wallet included debit/credit cards and a small sum of cash. #11-093. UPDATE 7/05/2011: The victim reported that Woodbridge P.D. contacted him to report that his wallet was turned in to their district on 6/29/2011. The cards and money were not with the wallet. On 7/1/11, his I.D. card was returned to him by a Fords resident who found it on the street. #11-093 - Closed.

Theft - College Center Loading Dock 06/28/11 08:00 PM
A staff member reported that one of the mats from the HRI Department was taken from the loading dock area where it was left out to dry. There are no known suspects or witnesses at this time. #11-092 - Open.

Criminal Mischief - Main Hall 06/27/11 07:40 PM
Police were called to the scene of graffiti that was drawn on one of the stalls in the men's room. There are no known witnesses at this time. #11-091 Open case.

Dispute - Edison Hall 06/27/11 06:07 PM
Staff members of a summer camp program contacted police when they discovered that materials for the camp were moved and the room arrangement had been changed. Subsequent investigation revealed that a class was scheduled in that location after the camp program was concluded for the day and the instructor for the class moved the items to allow him to effectively teach the lesson. #I-0198-11 Closed C.

Medical - Chambers Hall 06/27/11 09:51 AM
Patient was standing at a computer station when she became weak and fainted. Patient regained conciousness and was treated by responding EMS on site. #I-0197-11 Closed C.

Medical - Main Hall 06/27/11 09:47 AM
An individual felt as though she may pass out. The patient left class and walked to the Nurse's office and was treated by EMS. I-0196-11 - Closed C.

Hit and Run - Parking Lot #1 06/24/11 03:05 PM
Vehicle #1 was parked in Lot #1 and was apparently struck by Vehicle #2 on the driver's side fender. Vehicle #2 fled the scene. Vehicle #1 sustained minor dents and scratches to the fender. There were no witnesses. #11-090 - Closed C.

Medical - Outside Physical Education Center 06/23/11 10:17 PM
An individual appeared confused and lost. The officer approached and after speaking with the woman, found her to be suffering from an altered mental status. EMS was contacted to evaluate the patient, who agreed to be transported to a local hospital. #I0192-11 - Closed C.

Miscellaenous Assist - Parking Lot #1 06/20/11 04:00 PM
While attempting to make a right turn onto Parkside Dr. from Parking Lot #1, the driver drove her vehicle onto the concrete median. The vehicle was towed off the median, but was able to be driven off campus. #I-0190-11 - Closed C.

Medical - Gateway 06/20/11 09:00 AM
An individual came into Police Heaquarters with a bloody nose. The patient stated that it started to bleed on the way into campus. An ice pack was applied. The bleeding stopped and the patient refused further medical attention. #I-0189-11 - Closed C.

Suspicious Vehicle - Parking Lot #4 06/19/11 12:19 PM
An anonymous caller stated seeing a suspicious vehicle driving through Parking Lot #4. The male driver was checking door handles on multiiple cars and attempting to remove hubcaps from several other vehicles. #I-0188-11 - Open Case.

Damage to College Van - Unknown 06/16/11 10:20 AM
A supervisor noticed scratch and dent damage to the bumper of the van including paint scratch and chipping in the lower wheel well area of the van body. It appeared as if the bumper had been slightly pushed in from impact of an unknown object that had been struck. There are no known witnesses at this time. #I-0187-11 - Open Case.

Lost/Missing Property - Library 06/15/11 05:25 PM
An individual stated that a classmate had lost a calculator which was found by another student. The person who found the calculator refused to turn it over to the complainant but said she would turn it over to the individual who lost it. The complainant was unable to provide any information on the owner of the property. I-0186-11 - Open Case.

Medical - Library 06/14/11 08:05 PM
An individual experienced a seizure and was transported by EMS to a local hospital. #I0185-11 - Closed C.

Theft - Parking Lot #3 06/11/11 12:40 PM
On 6/11/2011, an individual came into Headquarters to report that on 6/10/2011 at approximately 5:00 pm, she parked her vehicle in Lot #3. Her window was left in the down position. Later that evening after leaving campus, she realized that her briefcase which had been in the car was missing. Included in the briefcase was a laptop and numerous documents. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time. #11-089 - Open Case.

Criminal Mischief - Main Hall 06/07/11 02:03 PM
The elctric door facing parking Lot #3 was vandalized and appeared as if someone had used a hard, large item to attempt to break the glass door. There are no known witnesses or suspects at this time. #11-088 - Open.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 06/07/11 12:34 PM
Vehicle #1 was traveling on College Drive East when the front passenger side tire fell of it's axle. The roadway had several yards of deep gashes in it caused by the vehicle losing its tire. #11-087 - Closed C.

Dumping - Behind Old Studio Theater 06/07/11 07:14 AM
Police responded to a report of dumping behind the Old Studio Theater. Observed were 5 medium sized glass panels, plastic debris and several pieces of window stripping directly behind the building. There are no known witnesses at this time. #I-0180-11 - Open.

Miscellaneous Assist - Parking Lot #5 06/04/11 09:05 PM
While on patrol in Lot #5, an officer noticed a female sitting in her car who appeared to be in distress. Due to a previous medical condition, EMS was called to possibly transport her to a local hospital. The female refused transport but after speaking with the officer, she agreed to contact a friend to transport her home. #I-0179-11 - Closed C.

Burglary - Parking Lot #6A 06/02/11 09:00 PM
An individual returned to her vehicle to find that the rear passenger side rear door window had been smashed. The victim noticed that her purse and duffle bag filled with items were missing. Included in the missing items were a laptop, Ipod, sum of cash and various other items. #11-086 - Open Case.