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July 2011

Medical - Edison Hall (Outside Area) 07/29/11 03:57 PM
An individual rolled over on his ankle while running through the grass outside of Edison Hall. Ice was applied and the patient's family was notified. #I-0225-11 - Closed C.

Medical - Warehouse 216 07/29/11 09:36 AM
An individual stepped on a nail, but it did not break the skin. The patient confirmed that he was up to date with his Tetanus shot. The patient refused further medical attention. #I-0224-11 - Closed C.

Medical - Edison Hall 07/29/11 03:57 PM
An individual slipped on water which was on the floor near the water fountain. The slip caused her to fall and hit her head. There was no visible bump nor could one be felt. The patient was given an ice pack and her family was notifed. Facilities immediately dried the floor. II-0226-11 - Closed C.

Medical - Perth Amboy Center 07/28/11 06:38 PM
An individual twisted his right hand on cables while he was polishing the floor. The patient was transported to a local hospital. II-0223-11 - Closed C.

Disruptive Behavior - Main Hall 07/26/11 07:53 PM
While on routine patrol, an officer came upon two individuals involved in a verbal dispute. Subsequent to investigation, it was determined that the student had become disruptive in the classroom and was asked to leave by the faculty member. After speaking with both individuals, the student left the scene. #I-0221-11 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #11 07/21/11 12:17 PM
Vehicle #1 was heading west in Lot #11 and Vehicle #2 was heading in the same direction and struck Vehicle #1 on the rear driver's side fender. Vehicle #2 then left the scene.

Fire Alarm - Technical Services center 07/20/11 05:42 PM
A fire alarm was activated on the lower level of TSC. The building was evacuated and the Fire Department called to the scene. There were no signs of fire. The pull station and alarm were reset and occupants allowed back into the building. #I-0211-11 - Closed C.

Welfare Check - Edison Hall 07/19/11 04:30 PM
The Counseling department telephoned to request the police check on the welfare of an individual who had been in their office. One of the officers successfully met with the individual and offered assistance to which the subject declined at this time. The individual did instead state that they would follow up with the Counseling Department the following day. #I-029-11 - Closed C.

Criminal Mischief - L'Hommedieu Hall 07/14/11 10:07 PM
A staff member reported that someone had left waste matter purposely in the center of the floor in front of the urinals. There are no known suspects at this time. #11-099 - Open.

Medical - Technical Service Center 07/12/11 09:30 PM
On 7/11/2011 at approx. 5:30 am, a staff member was cleaning when apparently something entered his left eye. The individual left at the end of his shift. Upon waking from sleep, the victim noticed his eye was swollen and red. He reported this at 9:40 pm and requested to be transported to a local hospital. #I-0202-11 - Closed C.

Harassment - Middlesex County College 07/11/11 12:45 PM
An individual reported that a former classmate was harassing her. They had a prior relationship and she has since asked him to not contact her. The subject has possibly tried to make contact with the victim online. #11-098 - Open.

Lost/Missing Property - Library 07/07/11 01:30 PM
An individual reported that after being in the Library between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm, her wallet went missing from her bag. After a search for the wallet produced negative results, the victim reported it to Police. #I-0201-11 - Open.

Theft - College Center 07/07/11 01:49 PM
An employee reported that he saw three individuals running out of the College Center being chased by an employee of the Winner's Circle. The three individuals had just taken pizza from the cafeteria without paying. A search of the area was conducted but to no avail. #11-097 - Open.

Lost/Missing Property - Library 07/07/11 01:30 PM
An individual reported that she lost her wallet while on campus. The wallet contained a sum of cash, debit card and various credit cards. #I-021-11 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Theft - Parking Lot #4 07/06/11 08:30 PM
An individual reported that she parked her car in Lot #4 and upon her return, the car was no longer there. The theft was reported to the appropriate authorities. There are no known suspects or witnesses at this time. #11-096 - Open. UPDATE 7/11/2011: The owner of the vehicle reported to MCCPD that on 7/6/2011 at approx. 11:45 pm she entered a parking lot adjacent to the college and located her car. On 7/11/2011, the victim reported that there was no damage to her vehicle but missing from it were her purse, a book and one pair of sunglasses. #11-096 - Closed.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #6 07/06/11 06:20 PM
Vehicle #1 struck Vehicle #2 as it was attempting to pull out of a parking spot. Both vehicles sustained damage. #11-094 Closed C.

Theft - Parking Lot #11 07/06/11 07:25 PM
An individual came into Headquarters on July 6, 2011 to report that on June 15, 2011 at approx. 6:00 pm, he parked his vehicle in Lot #11. When he returned home later that evening, he noticed that his bookbag which contained a laptop computer, was missing. The victim stated that he did not lock his vehicle. There are no known witnesses or suspects at this time. #11-095 - Open.