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August 2011

Recovered Paraphernalia - Library 08/31/11 11:17 AM
A staff member found a glass pipe in the Library used for smoking marijuana. #I-0261-11 - Closed C.

Medical - Bookstore 08/31/11 11:25 AM
An individual caught her toe on the door to the Bookstore causing the nail to pull away from the toe. EMS was called to the scene and treated the patient. The patient refused further medical attention. #I-0262-11 - Closed C.

Temporary Restraining Order - Edison Campus 08/30/11 05:49 PM
An individual was advised to bring in a temporary restraining order which she has against her former boyfriend, along with a current photo. The individual was also advised of the services which the P.D. offers. #I-0264-11 - Closed C.

Medical - College Center 08/26/11 04:03 PM
An individual sustained a laceration to her left thumb when it came in contact with the metal lock inside a bathroom stall. The thumb was treated at the scene and the patient refused further medical attention. #I-0260-11 - Closed C.

Disruptive Behavior - Library 08/25/11 02:51 PM
An individual was being verbally disruptive in the Library. The individual was spoken with and he agreed to comply. #I-0257-11 - Closed C.

Medical - Johnson Learning Center 08/25/11 04:33 PM
An individual was transported to APS in Piscataway for medical reasons. #I-0258-11 - Closed C.

Dispute - Edison Hall 08/24/11 01:38 PM
An individual was attempting to pick up his daughter at the Day Care Center. The mother of the child left a note stating that he was not allowed to do so. The father was advised to bring a copy of his custody agreement to the Day Care Center and his right to petition the court to order scheduled visitation if he so desired. #I-0256-11 - Closed C.

Medical - College Center 08/24/11 12:17 PM
An individual was feeling dizzy and became nauseous. EMS was called to the scene. The patient declined further medical attention. #I-0255-11 - Closed C.

Medical - Perth Amboy Center 08/23/11 05:24 PM
An individual tripped and fell on her left side resulting in a scrapped knee and elbow. The patient complained of slight swelling to the knee and outer thigh. The patient was treated at the scene. #I-0254-11 - Closed C.

Verbal Altercation - New Brunswick Center 08/19/11 08:35 AM
An individual reported having a verbal altercation with another student over working on a group project and stated that she felt threatened. The complainant was advised of her legal options. #I-0253-11 - Closed C.

Medical - Parkside Drive 08/18/11 03:55 PM
An individual stubbed her toe causing a laceration. The patient declined medical attention. #I-0251-11 - Closed C.

Medical - Edison Hall Day Care Center 08/18/11 11:27 AM
A child had fallen after attempting to climb on a shelf and reach for a toy. The patient was experiencing abnormal breathing. A family member was notified and the patient transported to a local hospital. #I-0250-11 - Closed C.

Concerned Individual - College Center 08/16/11 11:17 AM
A staff member reported that when she returned to her office on August 16, items in her desk had been rearranged and candy had been missing from within the desk. Telephone calls had also been placed from the desk phone located in the office. #I-0246-11 - Open.

Medical - Chambers Hall 08/16/11 04:16 PM
A staff member was transported to a local hospital after cutting himself with a sharp object. #I-0248-11 - Closed C.

Medical - College Center/PAC 08/16/11 02:35 PM
An individual was transported to a local hospital after twisting her knee. #I-0247-11 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #1 08/11/11 01:46 PM
Vehicle #1 backed-up into Vehicle #2 causing dent and paint damage to the passenger side door and window of Vehicle #2. #11-104 - Closed C.

Concerned Student - Parking Lot #1 08/09/11 10:10 AM
An individual reported noticing small marks on her vehicle which she believes were made by two other students. Upon investigation, it was determined that there were some small marks which contained rust. There are no witnesses at this time. I-238-11 Open.

Arrest - Chambers Hall 08/09/11 12:40 PM
An individual was arrested after he followed a female whom he had been in a dating relationship with and grabbed her arm causing injury to her arm. In addition, the subject also pushed another individual who had come to the assistance of the victim. UPDATE 9/16/2011: A 6 mth. abeyance has been put on the charges pending further review. #11-103 Closed - C.

Medical - Quad in front of Johnson Learning Center 08/08/11 02:19 PM
An individual ran into a pole and susatined a cut near her left eyebrow. Gauze and ice were applied. The patient was transported by EMS to a local hospital. #I-0235-11 - Closed C.

Medical - Edison Hall 08/08/11 12:44 PM
An individual reported experiencing a headache. The patient's family was notified and he was transported home by a family member. #I-0234-11 - Closed C.

Lost/Missing Property - Chambers Hall 08/08/11 04:35 PM
An individual reported leaving her wallet by a computer in the main lobby of Chambers Hall. A check of the area yielded negative results. The wallet contained several credit cards and a sum of money including other various items. #I-0236-11 Closed C.

Strange Odor - Edison Hall 08/02/11 05:05 PM
A strange odor was detected in Edison Hall Room 100. Subsequent to inspection, it was determined that the probable cause was a broken ballast. The ballast was replaced and the odor no longer detected. #I-0230-11 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #1 08/02/11 09:00 PM
The driver of Vehicle #1 lost control of the car and struck parked Vehicle #2 causing damage to the front left bumper of Vehicle #1 and rear bumper damage to Vehicle #2. #11-102 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #5 08/02/11 11:58 AM
Vehicle #1 was backing out of a parking space and struck Vehicle #2 causing damage to Vehicle #2's bumper. #11-101 - Closed C.

Medical - West Hall 08/01/11 01:16 PM
Individual complained of sharp stomach pains. EMS was called and the patient was transported to a local hospital. #I-0227-11 - Closed C.