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January 2012

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #2 01/31/12 09:56 AM
Vehicle #1 was backing up and struck Vehicle #2 resulting in damage to the passenger side wheel of Vehicle #2. Vehicle #2 was towed; no injuries were reported. #12-013 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 01/31/12 12:33 PM
Vehicle #2 was traveling northbound on College Drive East when it was struck by Vehicle #1 pulling out of Lot #4. Vehicle #2 sustained damage to the front end and was towed from the scene. Vehicle #1 sustained damage to the driver's side bumper. No injuries were reported. #12-014 - Closed C.

Medical - Instructional Resource Center - Outside Area 01/31/12 01:34 PM
An individual was feeling dizzy and light-headed with an upset stomach. EMS was called to evaluate the patient who began to feel better and refused further medical attention. #I-0033-12 - Closed C.

Theft - Blue Colt Bookstore 01/30/12 03:35 PM
An individual placed his bag containing his notebook computer by the entrance of the Bookstore. When he returned approximately 5 minutes later, the bag was no longer there. There are no known suspects or witnesses at this time. #12-012 - Open Case.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Woodbridge Avenue 01/30/12 12:12 PM
The driver of Vehicle #1 stated he was changing lanes and struck Vehicle #2. Both vehicles sustained minor damage. No injuries were reported. #12-011 - Closed C.

Medical - College Center 01/30/12 05:45 PM
Assistance was given to an individual who apparently was having an allergic reaction. EMS transported the individual to a local hospital. #I-0031-12 - Closed C.

Suspicious Odor - Edison Hall 01/30/12 08:55 PM
Someone reported noticing a strange smell in the area of Edison Hall. A check of the area was conducted and no odor was detected. The fire department was called to the scene and they identified the probable cause of the odor as coming from off campus. After additional checks were conducted of the boiler rooms of Edison Hall and Billy Johnson Hall, all units cleared the scene. #I-0032-12 - Closed C.

Property Damage - Parking Lot #1 01/30/12 09:52 AM
An individual broke the window of the vehicle parked next to her and left campus. A witness provided identifying information and the suspect was contacted. The suspect then returned to campus and exchanged information with the victim promising to make good on the repairs. No charges have been filed. #I-0030-12 - Closed C.

Fire Alarm - Crabiel Hall 01/28/12 02:06 PM
A pull station near Stairwell #1 was pulled activating the fire alarm. The building was evacuated and the Fire Department called. After deeming the building safe and the alarm reset, the occupants were allowed back in. #I-0028-12 - Closed C.

Lost/Missing Property - Instructional Resource Center 01/28/12 01:00 PM
An individual reported that she left her black Ipod Touch in IRC 131 between 9:20 and 9:30 am; when she returned for it, the Ipod was no longer there. #I-0027-12 - Closed C.

Property Damage - Physical Education Center - Outside Lawn Area 01/28/12 04:00 PM
Damage was discovered to the lawn area outside of the Physical Education Center. The responsible parties have been identified and statements will be forthcoming. #I-0229-12 - Open Case.

Disruptive Behavior - South I 01/27/12 12:38 PM
An individual became disruptive after becoming frustrated while in South I. The subject became verbally abusive after being asked to step into line; after leaving South I he proceeded to MCCPD where he explained that he believed he was being given the run around by staff. #I-0025-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Off Campus 01/26/12 09:16 AM
An individual was experiencing lower leg pain after having been hit by a vehicle at the train station. The driver checked to see if the patient was okay; the patient proceeded to travel to campus at which time she began to experience pain. #I-0023-12 - Closed C.

Theft - Library 01/26/12 11:22 AM
An individual left his laptop unattended in a cubicle and when he returned realized it was no longer there. A description of the suspect was provided by a witness. The suspect fled the scene in an unknown direction. #12-007 - Open Case.

Theft - College Center 01/26/12 11:52 AM
An individual reported that someone had removed her Ipod from the side pocket of her purse though she did not witness him actually taking it. She was able to make contact with the suspect, but he denied any wrongdoing. #12-008 - Open Case.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 01/26/12 01:57 PM
Vehicle #1 was stopped in traffic when it was struck from behind by Vehicle #2. Both vehicles sustained damage; no injuries were reported. #12-009 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 01/26/12 07:45 PM
Vehicles #1 and #2 were both turning off Woodbridge Avenue onto College Drive East when the collided. Vehicle #1 sustained damage from the door to the rear bumper. Vehicle #2 sustained damage to the area above the front right wheel. #12-010 - Closed C.

Medical - Edison Hall 01/25/12 05:33 PM
An individual sustained a laceration above his right eye with swelling after falling. EMS was called to the scene and the patient transported to a local hospital. #I-0021-12 - Closed C.

Theft - Blue Colt Bookstore 01/25/12 03:30 PM
After placing his black leather bag near the information desk at the Bookstore, the owner returned to find the bag no longer there. The bag contained a Mac Laptop. There are no known witnesses. Efforts are on-going in an attempt to trace the whereabouts of the computer. #12-066 - Open Case.

Medical - Johnson Learning Center 01/24/12 11:57 AM
An individual was feeling weak and sweaty. The patient appeared to be having a panic attack. Oxygen was administered and the patient refused further medical attention. #I-0017-12 - Closed C.

Lost/Missing Property - L'Hommedieu Hall 01/23/12 08:00 AM
While walking between L'Hommedieu Hall and the Libray, an individual believes he lost his wallet which contained a sum of cash, credit card, debit card and license. #I-0014-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Johnson Learning Center 01/23/12 09:24 AM
An individual apparently lost consciousness and hit her head on a chair. When she came to, she was unaware of her surroundings. EMS was called to the scene. The patient was transported to a local hospital. #I-0013-12 - Closed C.

Lost/Missing Property - Unknown 01/23/12 08:22 PM
An individual reported losing her Black Coach Wristlet sometime between 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm on 1/23/2012. The wristlet contained a debit card, medical ID card, school ID and insurance ID card. Later that evening, someone found the wristlet and returned it to the owner. #I-0016-12 - Closed C.

Disruptive Behavior - South I 01/23/12 02:57 PM
Police were dispatched to the Financial Aid Office in response to an individual who had become agitated and disruptive. The suspect then fled the scene. A search for the suspect yielded negative results. #I-0015-12 - Closed C.

Criminal Mischief - Parking Lot 1A 01/23/12 11:15 AM
A individual reported that someone had purposely scratched his vehicle's door and hood. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time. #12-004 - Open Case.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 01/23/12 03:25 PM
The driver of Vehicle #1, which was travelling south on Alumni Dr., struck the rear door of Vehicle #2 which was heading east on College Drive East. Vehicle #2 sustained extensive rear door, tire and fender damage. Vehicle #1 sustained damage to the fender, headlight and hood. No injuries were reported. #12-005 - Closed C.

Medical - East Hall Annex 01/20/12 06:06 AM
An individual sustained a cut to his right indiex finger. The wound was cleaned and covered. The patient refused further medical treatment. #I-0011-12 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Otlowski Dr. 01/17/12 08:12 AM
Vehicle was traveling west on Otlowski Drive when it lost traction due to the weather conditions at the time and struck the curb. There were no reported injuries. #12-002 - Closed C.

Theft - Edison Hall 01/17/12 04:00 PM
An individual reported that a Dell computer mouse had been removed from Edison Hall Room 101. UPDATE 1/24/2012: The complainant reported that an employee had borrowed the mouse for a meeting and has returned it. #12-003 - Closed C.

Theft - South I 01/13/12 07:50 AM
A staff member reported that keys were taken from the putter he was using when it was parked outside of South I. A short time later the keys were found. #11-200 - Closed C.

Property Damage - Parking Lot 8 01/13/12 04:09 PM
A staff member came to police headquarters to report that his vehicle had been damaged while parked in the lot when some tree branches had fallen onto the vehicle. Upon removing the branches, the owner noticed a small dent on the hood and black marks on both the hood and front bumper. #I0010-12 Closed - C.

Concerned Individual - In front of North Hall 01/12/12 08:47 AM
An individual reported a driver who was traveling in the wrong direction, beeping the horn. The driver then parked in the staff lot, only to move her vehicle when she saw the complainant take a picture of the license plate. #I-0009-12 - CSC.

Medical - Instructional Resource Center 01/11/12 01:09 PM
An individual was walking near IRC when he got something in his eye. The patient was treated at the scene. #I-0008-12 - Closed C.

Lost/Missing Property - Area Between College Center and Lot #1 01/09/12 03:40 PM
An individual reported losing his phone possibly between College Center and Lot #1 sometime between 12:00 and 12:45 pm. The phone is a black Virgin Mobile Rumor2 and was inside a beige case. #I-0007-12 - Closed C.

Medical - College Drive East 01/07/12 02:11 AM
An individual appeared to be experiencing a slightly altered mental state. EMS was called and determined the patient to be coherent. #I-0004-12 - Closed C.

Suspicious Vehicle - Parking Lot #2 01/05/12 05:36 PM
Subsequent to a field inquiry, an individual was found to have an active warrant. After going through the appropriate authorities, the suspect was issued a new court date and advised not to drive her vehicle due to her license suspension. #I-0003-12 - Closed C.

Terroristic Threats - Edison Campus 01/05/12 12:28 PM
The victim contacted headquarters after receiving an email message on her College account from an unknown sender which caused her concern for the safety of herself and that of her family. UPDATE 2/2/2012 - This is an ongoing investigation; a review of the evidence is currently being conducted with the intention of filing the appropriate criminal charges. UPDATE 8/29/2012: This case has been downgraded to harassment. #12-001 - CSC.

Lost/Missing Property - Library 01/04/12 10:00 AM
An individual reportedly lost his wallet while on campus possibly in the area of the Library. The wallet contained a sum of cash, driver's license, debit and credit cards, ID cards and a gift card. #I-0001-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Off Campus 01/04/12 04:00 PM
While in route to a College event, a staff member was rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident. Later in the day, the individual began having pain in the neck, back and head and took himself to the hospital for evaluation. #I-0002-12 - Closed C.