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Police Blotter

May 2012

Medical - Physical Education Center 05/30/12 12:56 PM
An individual sustained a knee injury while playing soccer in the gym. The patient was transported to a local hospital by EMS. #I-0157-12 - Closed C.

Concerned Employee - College Center 05/30/12 12:30 PM
An employee requested police assistance in dealing with an individual who was attempting to sign up for an off-campus event but who was not eligible due to a previous CSC charge. Police spoke with the subject who then made false allegations regarding the situation. #I-0158-12 - Closed C.

Disruptive Behavior - Main Hall 05/25/12 12:06 PM
Police responded to Main Hall on the report of a disruptive individual. Upon their arrival, the individual had already left the building and requested to speak directly with Police. #I-0132-12 - CSC.

Theft - Parking Lot #4 05/25/12 09:30 PM
An individual stated someone took his wallet which contained a sum of cash, along with an Ipod, from his vehicle which was left unsecured. There are no witnessses or suspects at this time. #12-074 - Open Case.

Lost/Missing Property - Edison Hall 05/24/12 08:15 PM
An individual reported having lost his wallet sometime between 8:40 am and 11:30 am. The black trifold wallet contained his NJ driver's license, bank debit cards and various other cards. #I-0156-12 - Closed C.

Medical - L'Hommedieu Hall 05/24/12 08:42 AM
An individual stated she felt faint and dizzy. The patient stated that approximately four weeks ago, she had sustained a concussion and has had several spells since that time. The patient was transported to the nurse's office via wheel chair. #I-0155-12 - Closed C.

Soliciting - Main Hall 05/23/12 07:33 PM
An individual was on campus selling tickets for Special Events without approval from appropriate authorities. The individual was issued a defiant trespass and left cmapus without further incident. #I-0154-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Physical Education Center 05/22/12 03:28 PM
An individual experienced an exercise induced asthma attack. EMS was called to the scene and the patient refused further medical attention. #I-0153-12.

Theft - Main Hall 05/22/12 02:47 PM
A staff member noticed a computer tower missing from Room 110. The lock on the desktop had been snapped off and the Dell GX-780 Small Form Factor tower stolen. #12-082 - Open Case.

Criminal Mischief - Main Hall 05/21/12 04:20 PM
A faculty member noticed that wires to a projector had been cut in an attempt to remove the projector. The projector was not abled to be removed but it sustained damage. #12-081 - Open Case.

Criminal Mischief - College Center 05/21/12 03:52 PM
A staff member reported that the wires to an overhead projector had been cut in an attempt to steal the projector. The project sustained substantial damage, but was not removed. #12-081 - Open Case.

Suspicious Activity - Parking Lot #1 05/19/12 11:32 AM
A staff member reported seeing an individual spraying some type of "goo" onto light poles and affixing posters to them. A description of the vehicle was provided but the registration did not match the vehicle description. #I-0152-12 Closed C.

Medical - College Center 05/15/12 06:35 PM
An individual was transported to a local hospital after experiencing weakness in the legs. #I-0151-12 - Closed C.

Miscellaneous Assist - College Center 05/15/12 12:04 PM
An individual requested and was given assistance in getting back to his residence. #I-0150-12 - Closed C.

Fire Alarm - Chambers Hall 05/14/12 04:08 PM
Chambers Hall was evacuated due to a pull station being activated in the rear of the building. No fire or smoke was present. The fire department deemed the building safe, the alarm was reset and the occupants were allowed back in the building. #I-0149-12 - Closed C.

Medical - College Center 05/09/12 01:08 PM
An individual was walking into College Center and tripped, slightly rolling her left ankle. The patient was given ice and an ice ankle wrap. Further medical attention was refused. #I-0144-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Johnson Learning Center 05/09/12 12:24 PM
An individual requested an ambulance after experiencing severe back pain and numbness in her hands. The patient was transported to a local hospital. #I-0148-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Billy Johnson Hall 05/07/12 03:00 PM
An individual accidentally burned the tip of his finger when soddering an electronic board. The patient was treated at the scene. #I-0143-12 - Closed C.

Medical - South 2 05/07/12 11:22 AM
An individual requested an ice pack to contain the swelling of a hernia. The patient refused further medical attention. #I-0142-12 - Closed C.

Theft - Physical Education Center 05/03/12 12:30 PM
An individual reported that someone cut the lock off his locker and took his wallet which contained a sum of cash, a debit card and various other identification cards. There are no known witnesses at this time. #12-079 - Open Case.

Medical - Billy Johnson Hall 05/02/12 04:35 PM
An individual experienced an asthma attack due to particles inhaled while cutting circuit boards. #I-0140-12 - Closed C.

Theft - Library 05/02/12 02:48 PM
An individual reportedly left her backpack in a cubicle when she went to the restroom. Upon her return, the backpack was no longer there. A short time later, someone brought the backpack to Headquarters after finding it in Parking Lot #2. #12-078 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 05/02/12 10:03 AM
Vehicle #1 was parked and unoccupied in Lot #4. Vehicle #2 was attempting to make a right hand turn into Lot #4 and struck Vehicle #1. A parking lot sign and stop sign were also damaged in collision. #12-077 - Closed C.

Medical - Physical Education Center 05/01/12 11:42 AM
An individual was experiencing a nose bleed and requested to be transported to a local hospital. #I-0139-12 - Closed C.

Medical - College Center 05/01/12 10:35 AM
An individual fell while walking down the hallway and complained of left leg and hip pain. The patient was transported to a local hospital. #I-0138-12 - Closed C.