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June 2012

Criminal Mischief - Parking Lot #4 06/27/12 03:30 PM
An individual returned to her vehicle to find several small paint marks on her vehicle and had observed a classmate driving away. The victim attempted to reach out to the suspect but was not successful and now feels threatened by her. The victim was advised not to make contact with the suspect. #12-086 - Open Case.

Medical - Physical Education Center 06/26/12 06:42 PM
An individual stated that she felt a cracking sensation in her ankle during a step-aerobics class. Ice was applied and the patient refused further medical attention. #I-0182-12 - Closed C.

Miscellaneous Assist - College Center 06/26/12 10:17 AM
Police were notified of an allegedly suspicious homeless person walking around College Center. The individual was eventually located in the Library and ultimately advised of which areas were available to him. #I-0183-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Instructional Resource Center/Johnson Learning Center (Outside Area) 06/25/12 06:56 PM
An individual stated that something blew in his eye while traveling about campus. The patient flushed his eye out and stated it was not irritated. The patient refused further medical attention. #I-0181-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Johnson Learning Center 06/25/12 12:44 PM
An individual experienced a bloody nose and was treated with ice and pressure. The patient refused further medical attention. #I-0179-12 - Closed C.

Disruptive Behavior - Johnson Learning Center 06/25/12 10:40 AM
Two individuals were asked to leave their classroom due to their consistently disruptive behavior. Both denied being disruptive. They were instructed to resolve the situation with the faculty member before being allowed to return to the classroom. #I-0180-12 - Closed C.

Criminal Mischief - Parking Lot #1 06/22/12 10:34 AM
On 6/22/12 at 10:34 am, an individual came to Headquarterts to report that while he was in class on 6/21/12 between the hours of 12:15 pm and 3:15 pm, someone had vandalized his vehicle. A check of the vehicle did reveal damage. #12-085 - Closed C.

Panic Alarm Activation - Chambers Hall 06/21/12 03:07 PM
A panic alarm was activated in Chambers Hall. Upon investigation, it was determined that this activation was accidental. No further action was necessary. #I-0177-12 - Closed C.

Theft - South Hall 06/20/12 11:30 AM
On June 19, 2012 an individual reported that she noticed a bag of office supplies purchased on 5/16/12 was missing from the interior closet where she had them. There are no known witnesses or suspects at this time. #12-084 - Closed C.

Medical - Blue Colt Bookstore 06/19/12 12:07 PM
A staff member was exiting the loading dock area of the Bookstore and fell down several steps resulting in injury to her knee. The patient was transported to a local hospital. #I-0175-12 - Closed C.

Miscellaneous Assist - Edison Campus 06/19/12 02:45 PM
On Friday June 15th at approximately 7:40 pm, Subsequent to an earlier motor vehicle accident on campus, the family members of one of the injuried parties were transported to the hospital where the patient was being held. UPDATE 6/19/12 - On Monday June 18th at 2:45 pm, contact was made with the injured party's family to obtain an update on her condition. #I-0176-12 - Closed C.

Lost/Missing Property - Main Hall 06/19/12 11:36 AM
An individual reported having lost her laptop sometime on 6/18/2012 in Main Hall. It was a silver Apple Macbook Pro with a black case. UPDATE 6/20/12: The individual reported that her laptop had been found and returned to the Library. The laptop is now in the hands of the owner. #I-0174-12 - Closed C.

Found Ordnance - Parking Lot #2 06/19/12 08:15 AM
The construction crew in Lot #2 dug up what appeared to be ordnance. The appropriate authorites were notified and the area around Lot #2 cleared. It was later determined that the area was safe and the ordnance was removed for proper disposal. #I-0173-12

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 06/15/12 07:12 PM
Vehicle #1 which was travelling west on College Drive East crossed over the yellow lines, striking Vehicle #2. The driver of Vehicle #1 suffered facial injuries and two passengers of Vehicle #2, one of which was a pregnant woman, also suffered injuries. All the injured were transported to local hospitals. Both vehicles were towed due to extensive damage. #12-083 - Closed C.

Suspicious Person - Crabiel Hall 06/15/12 02:50 PM
A report was received regarding a suspicious person in a classroom of Crabiel Hall. Upon investigation, it was determined that the individual did not know he was not allowed in the room where he was studying and left without further incident. #I-0168-12

Medical - College Center 06/13/12 06:45 PM
An individual had fallen in the PAC tripping on the steps. The patient refused medical treatment and no further action was taken. #I-0167-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Physical Education Center 06/11/12 08:17 PM
An individual was playing basketball when she felt her knee buckle. The patient refused medical attention. #I-0166-12 - Closed C.

Lost/Missing Property - Off Campus 06/11/12 10:44 AM
An employee reported having lost his staff key off campus sometime on June 9th. #I-0165-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Center II (Outside Area) 06/08/12 07:04 PM
An individual was walking on campus and began to feel faint and dizzy. Oxygen was administered and the patient transported to a local hospital. #I-0164-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Crabiel Hall 06/06/12 11:45 AM
An individual sustained a laceration above his right eye after striking it on a metal door. #I-0162-12 Closed C.

Medical - Physical Education Center 06/06/12 06:54 AM
A custodian slipped and sprained her ankle while cleaning the women's locker room in the Physical Education Center at approximately 3:45 am. #I-0161-12 Closed C.

Fire Alarm - Instructional Resource Center 06/06/12 02:26 PM
A fire alarm pull station was activated near the 1st floor stairwell of the Instructional Resource Center. The building was evacuated. A description of the suspect was obtained and the suspect was questioned. Police informed the suspect of the seriousness of her actions and possible repercussions. The fire department arrived and the alarm reset. Occupants were then allowed back in the building. #I-0163-12 - Closed C.