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July 2012

Suspicious Person - College Center 07/31/12 04:18 AM
An individual was found sleeping on a couch located on the first floor of College Center at 4:18 AM. The individual apparently missed his late night bus and decided to stay as he had an early morning class. #I-0213-12.

Damaged Property - South 1 Rm. 106 07/31/12 03:40 PM
An employee reported finding the strike plate to Room 106 bent back slightly. It is unknown how this could have taken place. #I-0214-12 - Closed C.

Criminal Mischief - Edison Hall 07/31/12 03:48 AM
Across the hall from Room 113, an individual noticed powder on the floor. Upon further examination, it was determined that the powder had come from a hole in the wall approximately the size of a fist. It is unknown what had struck the wall causing the damage. There are no known suspects or witnesses at this time. #12-094 - Open Case.

Medical - Main Hall 07/30/12 06:11 PM
An individual was feeling dizzy, weak and had tunnel vision. EMS was called and transported the patient to a local hospital. #I-0211-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Gateway 07/30/12 08:55 PM
An individual slipped on a wet floor and injured his knee. Ice was applied to treat the injury. No further medical attention was requested. #I-0212-12 - Closed C.

Contempt - Edison Campus 07/30/12 07:44 PM
An individual reported that his ex-girlfriend violated a final restraining order by speaking with him via telephone when she was instructed not to by court order. The individual was instructed to contact the court directly in this matter. #12-093 - Open Case.

Dispute - Crabiel Hall 07/30/12 10:09 PM
After becoming involved in a verbal dispute, a teacher requested that a student be removed from class. Statements were taken from those involved. No further action was taken at this time. #I-0210-12 - Open Case.

Suspicious Person - Hof Road 07/25/12 01:54 PM
An individual reported a suspicious male with a slender build on Hof Road making hand gestures towards her. The suspect was wearing a white shirt, black or gray shorts and a red hat. A search of the area yielded negative results. #I-0206-12.

Fire Alarm - College Center/PAC/Studio Theater 07/24/12 11:08 AM
A fire alarm activated in the back stage area of the Performing Arts Center. The building was evacuated and a check of the building showed no sign of smoke or fire. The Fire Department responded and the fire alarm panel reset. The cause of the activation was a water flow switch. #I-0201-12.

Lost/Missing Property - Main Hall 07/24/12 11:33 AM
An individual reported losing his AT&T Apple iPhone 16GB while on campus on July 23rd, 2012. A search for the phone yielded negative results. The phone line has been suspended.

Suspicious Person - Albany, NY 07/24/12 02:30 PM
A woman telephoned to report that she was being harassed by someone online and via telephone, and that the suspect claimed to be a student of Middlesex County College. The suspect reportedly was attempting to have the woman meet with him on the campus. The caller provided what limited information she had for the male. A positive identification has not been made as yet. #I0204-12 Closed - B

Fire Alarm - New Brunswick Center 07/22/12 05:34 PM
A fire alarm activated at the New Brunswick Center. The Fire Department inspected the panel and determined it was all clear. #I-0200-12 - Closed C.

Missing License Plate - Facilities 07/19/12 09:11 AM
An employee noticed a front license plate missing from the warehouse's rack body truck. #I-0199-12.

Simple Assault - Crabiel Hall 07/18/12 01:15 PM
Two individuals became involved in a dispute. The suspect then nugged the victim preventing the victim from leaving the classroom. Police escorted the victim from Crabiel Hall. This case is currently under investigation. #12-092 - Open.

Medical - Johnson Learning Center 07/18/12 11:09 AM
An individual was having difficulty breathing. Oxygen was administered and the patient felt better. The patient declined further medical attention. #I-0198-12.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Chambers Drive 07/17/12 06:50 PM
The driver of Vehicle #1 struck one of the yellow poles used for traffic control. The vehicle sustained dents to the driver's side front fender, door and side. No injuries were reported. #12-091 - Closed C.

Suspicious Activity - Library 07/16/12 07:30 PM
A concerned employee reported that there was a male and a female in the Library, basement level, who appeared to be somewhat disoriented. When police arrived, the two individuals had already departed. #I-0196-12 - Closed C.

Concerned Individual - Raritan Hall 07/16/12 08:30 PM
An employee reported finding disturbing phrases written on chalkboards in Raritan Hall. It is unclear what was meant by the phrases and unknown who wrote them. There are no known witnesses at this time. #I-0197-12.

Miscellaneous - Facilities Maintenance 07/12/12 02:15 PM
An employee reported that when he closed the windshield to a Toro utility vehicle, the windshield shattered. #I-195-12.

Miscellaneous - Crabiel Hall Outside Area 07/12/12 05:50 PM
Dry mulch and heat caused a smokey condition around a bush outside of Crabiel Hall. The fire department was on campus and sprayed the area with a water tank. I-0194-12.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 07/12/12 09:02 AM
Vehicle #1 was parked in Lot #3. The driver left the vehicle without applying the emergency brake nor placing the vehicle in gear. Vehicle #1 rolled out of Lot 3, down a hill and across College Drive East coming to rest with its passenger side wheels on the curb. The vehicle struck a pedestrian cross sign in the process. #12-090 - Closed C.

Dispute - East Hall 07/10/12 09:02 PM
A faculty member asked a student to leave the classroom due to his disruptive behavior and the student refused. The professor reported this incident in case of further escalation. #I-0191-12 - CSC.

Dispute - Main Hall 07/10/12 01:30 PM
After becoming upset with a faculty member, a student slammed a door causing the window in the door to crack. The student stated that he wanted to pay for the damaged glass and also wanted to drop the class so as to not have further communication with the faculty member. #I-0190-12

Arrest - College Drive East 07/10/12 05:45 PM
Subsequent to a random look-up, an individual was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant. #12-089 - A.

Theft - L'Hommedieu Hall 07/09/12 02:12 PM
A television was missing from the north side corridor of L'Hommedieu Hall. There are currently no suspects nor witnesses. #12-088 - Open Case.

Miscellaneous - College Drive East 07/03/12 03:07 PM
Upon coming in contact with a curb, a club car flipped on its side. No injuries were reported. #I-0189-12 - Closed C.

Medical - Main Hall 07/03/12 02:45 AM
An individual slipped on a wet floor resulting in pain to the right wrist. The patient applied ice to the area but refused further attention. #I-0188-12 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #4 07/02/12 10:26 AM
Vehicle #1 entered Lot #4 from College Drive East and travelled westbound. A pedestrian was on a long board travelling through parked cars heading towards a crosswalk. The pedestrian struck the vehicle's front passenger quarter panel causing a large dent and paint damage. The pedestrian experienced leg pain but declined medical attention. #12-087 - Closed C.