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August 2012

Theft - College Center Cafe A 08/31/12 12:24 PM
After leaving his wallet unattended on a table in Cafeteria A, an individual returned to find that the wallet was no longer there. The wallet contained a sum of cash and student I.D. There are no known suspects or witnesses at this time. #12-100 - Open Case.

Medical - Gate near Millgate 08/31/12 05:51 AM
An individual sustained a minor laceration to his finger while attemtping to lift the mechanism that keeps the gate stable. It had been stuck and upon releasing caused the laceration and minor swelling to the finger. The finger was iced and bandaged and no further medical attention required.

Criminal Mischief - Parking Lot #8 08/28/12 01:48 PM
A staff member reported that upon returning to her vehicle she noticed several scratches on the passenger side front and rear doors which had not been there prior to arrival on campus. #12-099 - Open Case.

Medical - Billy Johnson Hall 08/25/12 01:03 AM
An employee jammed her finger while cleaning the air duct/vent in Billy Johnson Hall. No further medical attention was requested. #I-0229-12 - Closed C.

Disgruntled Individual - Telephone - Chambers Hall 08/24/12 07:37 AM
A person was irate and made threatening comments via a telephone conversation on 8/23/2012 between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm to an employee. #I-0228-12 - Open Case.

Theft - Billy Johnson Hall 08/24/12 10:30 AM
A staff member reported that 8 Fluke Handheld Multimeters were missing from a secured glass cabinet in Billy Johnson Hall. The last time these items were seen was possibly back in May when equipment was moved during a construction project. There are no known witnesses or suspects at this time. #12-098 - Open Case.

Lost/Missing Property - College Center 08/23/12 01:07 PM
An individual reported on 8/23/2012 at 1:07 pm that she lost her iPhone 4 in College Center on 8/22/2012. #I-0227-12 - Closed C.

Dispute - New Brunswick Center 08/21/12 06:10 PM
Two individuals became involved in a verbal argument after entering the computer lab. They were advised that they would be asked to leave the lab if the could not settle the dispute. They proceeded without further incident. #I-0243-12 - Closed C.

Soliciting - L'Hommedieu Hall 08/16/12 08:20 PM
A complaint was received regarding a male who was soliciting tickets for a comedy show. A thorough search of the area yielded negative results. #I-0222-12 - Closed C.

Fire Alarm - Instructional Resource Center 08/14/12 11:00 AM
Burnt popcorn caused a fire alarm activation in the Instructional Resource Center. The Fire Department confirmed the cause of the activation and reset the alarm. #I-0220-12 - Closed C.

Fire Alarm - College Center 08/09/12 03:07 PM
A fire alarm activated in the women's restroom in College Center. There was no sign of smoke or fire. The Fire Department responded and it was determined that humidity from a wet vacuum and fan set off the alarm. The alarm was reset.

Medical - L'Hommedieu Hall 08/08/12 01:01 PM
An individual cut her hand while working with a glass tube in a Biology class for teachers. The patient was transported to a local hospital. #I-0217-12 - Closed C.

Theft - L'Hommedieu Hall 08/08/12 08:46 AM
An individual left his laptop overnight in a classroom and upon his return, the laptop was no longer there. It was a Dell XPS M1330. #12-096 - Open Case.

Assault - South 1 08/08/12 11:04 AM
After becoming involved in a verbal altercation, a female reported that she was shoulder bumped by the suspect in this matter. The victim declined to press charges at this time. #12-097 - Open Case.

Burnt Odor - Library 08/08/12 09:46 PM
Police responded to a call regarding a burning smell coming from the women's bathroom located in the Library. While there was a faint odor, there was no sight of fire or smoke. Upon completion of a thorough check of the area, the odor dissipated and no further action was taken. #I-0218-12.

Property Damage - South 1 08/01/12 10:50 AM
An individual accidentally backed into a picture that was hanging in the hallway and the picture fell resulting in damage to the wood frame. #I-0215-12.