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March 2013

Suspicious Activity - Instructional Resource Center 03/31/13 04:14 PM
In the course of conducting a building check while the college was closed, three individuals were found occupying one of the classrooms. The individuals had entered through an unsecured door. They left the facility without incident. #I-0090-13 - Closed C.

Disruptive Individual - Gateway 03/28/13 04:05 PM
An individual became disruptive after receiving a ticket for an expired permit. While given the opportunity to file an appeal, the offender proceeded to tear the ticket in half. #I-0089-13.

Medical - West Hall 03/28/13 09:30 AM
An individual was transported to a local hospital after experiencing heart palpitations. #I-0088-13.

Suspicious Mailing - Chambers Hall 03/27/13 12:11 PM
An individual reported that a suspicious mailing originated from a campus office yet no one in the office claimed to have initiated the mailing. Inquiries made to the receiver were inclusive. #I-0087-13.

Elevator Entrapment - Raritan Hall 03/26/13 02:08 AM
A custodian became trapped in an elevator in Raritan Hall. Police were able to make contact with the individual to confirm that he did not have any medical issues. The Fire Department arrived and was able to open the elevator door. Out of Order signs were placed on the elevator. #I-0086-13.

Terroristic Threats - College Center 03/25/13 12:10 PM
An individual was taken into custody after it was revealed that he had made threats to a fellow student. This case is currently under investigation. #I13-044 Open.

Medical - College Center 03/25/13 03:02 AM
An individual cut her finger with a knife while cleaning it. A family member was going to take the patient for further medical attention if needed. #I-0085-13.

Disruptive Individual - Edison Hall 03/22/13 11:30 AM
A faculty member requested assistance in having a disruptive student removed from the classroom after claiming to have several conflicts with him. The student left the area without incident and was advised of the appropriate steps to take to resolve the situation. #I-0082-13.

Verbal Dispute - Physical Education Center 03/22/13 06:29 PM
A verbal dispute took place after a woman brought her son into the women's locker room to change. She was advised that due to the fact that the son was 12 years old, it was not acceptable for him to change there. #I-0083-13.

Lost/Missing Property - Off Campus 03/21/13 10:45 AM
An individual reportedly lost her keys to her classroom possibly at her home. She was advised to contact Police should she find them. #I-0079-13.

Medical - Chambers Hall 03/21/13 11:56 AM
A pregnant woman felt faint while on the computer in Chambers Hall. The patient was transported to the nurse's office after refusing EMS services. #I-0080-13.

Medical - Crabiel Hall 03/20/13 04:20 AM
A custodian was cleaning windows when the blind fell and struck him in the head resulting in a laceration. EMS was called to the scene and the patient refused further medical attention. #I-0074-13.

Lost/Missing Property - L'Hommedieu Hall 03/20/13 02:50 PM
An individual reported having lost her passport and student I.D. in L'Hommedieu Hall. #I-0076-13.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #6 03/18/13 11:32 AM
The driver of Vehicle #2 struck parked Vehicle #1 as it attempted to pull into a parking space. No injuries were reported. #13-042 Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Hof Road 03/18/13 03:00 PM
Vehicle #1 was backing up on Hof Road when the driver struck a college sign damaging the pole on which the sign hung. Vehicle #1 sustained damage to its driver's side rear fender. #13-043 Closed C.

Verbal Dispute - Parking Lot #4 03/18/13 11:30 AM
An individual stopped her vehicle in the middle of the roadway to clean snow off of it blocking the roadway. A passenger in a vehicle behind the stopped car then yelled out to the driver of the suspect vehicle which led to a verbal dispute. #I-0075-13.

Concerned Individuals - Edison Hall 03/15/13 03:39 PM
The Child Care Center reported concerns about a family member‘s reaction to care. The subsequent investigation revealed no evidence of wrongdoing. I-0073-13.

Damaged Property - College Center 03/14/13 10:39 AM
A door in Bunker Lounge appeared to have been damaged due to a wedge which was left in the door jamb and the door being forced closed. #I-0072-13.

Criminal Mischief - Billy Johnson Hall 03/14/13 10:43 PM
A custodian reported finding smashed glass from a vending machine located in the lobby of Billy Johnson Hall. The glass appeared to have been struck by an unknown object. The contents of the vending machine were inventoried and taken into Headquarters for safe keeping. #I13-041 Open.

Harassment - Edison Hall 03/13/13 01:58 PM
An individual reported that a fellow classmate has been harassing her by following her around both on campus and through social media. This case is currently under investigation. UPDATE 3/21/13: The suspect in this case was contacted and advised to cease and desist any and all contact with the victim. The suspect confirmed that he understood; no further action was taken at this time. #13-040 Closed.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 03/08/13 01:20 PM
Vehicle #1 was exiting Lot #4 attempting to make a left hand turn when it struck Vehicle #2 which was traveling east on College Drive East. Vehicle #1 sustained passenger-side fender damage while Vehicle #2 sustained driver's side rear door damage. #13-039 Closed C.

Theft - Edison Hall 03/07/13 08:30 AM
A faculty member reported that a set of headphones was taken from her classroom on 3/4/2013. The headphones are Yamaha HPE 100M. #13-038 Open.

Concerned Individual - College Center 03/07/13 04:02 PM
An individual reported that on 2/28/2013 an unknown male approached her and made inappropriate statements to her. On 3/7/2013, the victim observed the suspect again and was able to provide a description of him. A search of the area yielded negative results. #I-0068-13.

Suspicious Activity - New Brunswick Center 03/07/13 01:20 PM
A security officer found prescritpion pills within the center. The appropriate personnel were notified. #I0069-13.

Harassment - New Brunswick Center 03/07/13 12:00 PM
A female was in the computer lab with her boyfriend for approximately one and one half hours at which point she reported that her boyfriend was harassing her. The male was asked to leave the premises; after several minutes he complied. No further action was taken. #I0071-13.

Arrest - Main Hall 03/06/13 05:00 PM
An individual was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. #13-037 - A.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Otlowski Drive 03/06/13 11:00 AM
The driver of Vehicle #1 observed damage to his driver's side mirror which had come off due to an impact. #13-032 Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #2 03/05/13 12:30 PM
Vehicle #1 was stopped at the stop sign exiting Lot #2 when it was struck from behind by Vehicle #2 which failed to stop. Vehicle #1 sustained damage to its rear fender and Vehicle #2 sustained damage to the front grill, hood and bumper. #13-031 Closed C.

Medical - West Hall 03/04/13 11:59 AM
An individual tripped while going up the stairs into the building sustaining a bruise on her left arm. #I0064-13.