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June 2013

Medical - Performing Arts Center 06/28/13 12:05 PM
An individual stated that she was walking and then tripped resulting in a fall and a bruised left knee. After sitting in a chair, the patient refused any further medical treatment. #I-0197-13.

Medical - Performing Arts Center 06/28/13 11:57 AM
An individual stated that while going down the stairs from the stage, she missed a step and fell on her right shoulder. The patient was transported to a local hospital. #I-0196-13.

Criminal Mischief - Library 06/28/13 06:53 AM
A staff member reported finding graffiti in the men's room located on the lower level of the Libary. There are no suspects or witnesses at this time. #13-078 Open.

Criminal Mischief - Raritan Hall Elevator 06/28/13 06:53 AM
A staff member noticed graffiti inside the elevator of Raritan Hall. This incident occurred sometime between the hours of 2:00 pm on 6/27/13 and 6:30 am on 6/28/13. There are no known witnesses or suspects. #13-079 Closed B.

Terroristic Threat - Academy for Science, Mathmatics and Eng'g. Tech. 06/25/13 08:35 PM
After a verbal dispute involving the parent of a student with administration, the suspect was allegedly overheard saying "I'm going to kill someone." The administration did not feel threatened by the remark. The suspect denied making any threatening statement. The H.S. administrator was advised of her legal options. #13-077 Open.

Suspicious Person - L'Hommedieu Hall 06/25/13 07:30 PM
An individual was issued a defiant trespass after he was found to be selling tickets on campus to an outside event not affiliated with the college. #I-0192-13 A.

Theft - Library 06/24/13 01:15 PM
An alarm was set off in the Libary alerting staff to a possible theft. The suspect emptied her backpack and it was discovered that an MCC stapler was inside the backpack. #13-076 CSC.

Medical - L'Hommedieu Hall 06/20/13 02:45 AM
EMS was called to assist an individual who was experiencing an asthma attack. The patient was then transported off campus via a family member. #I-0188-13.

Medical - Facilities 06/19/13 07:25 AM
After experiencing pain in the lower left back, an individual was transported to a local hospital by EMS. #I-0187-13.

Missing Property - L'Hommedieu Hall 06/18/13 12:40 PM
A staff member reported several items were missing from within boxes located in a storage closet. It is unknown whether or not the items were stolen but the employee requested documentation should this continue in the future. #I-0186-13.

Arrest - Perth Amboy 06/18/13 06:20 PM
An individual was taken into custody as a result of outstanding warrants. #I-0195-13.

Criminal Mischief - Edison Hall 06/14/13 12:30 AM
A report of vandalism was investigated in Edison Hall. Graffiti was found inside the handicap acccesible stall; additionally graffiti was found in the first stall of room 155. #13-075 Open.

Medical - Crabiel Hall 06/12/13 12:11 PM
An individual reported that on 6/5/2013 at approx. 9:00 am while looking for her classroom, she slipped and fell resulting in pain to the left buttocks. The patient is currently seeking medical assistance on her own. #I-0184-13.

Criminal Mischief - Edison Hall 06/12/13 11:07 PM
Graffiti was found in two women's rooms located in Edison Hall. The first bathroom had three stalls vandalized with graffiti and the second had four stalls vandalized. #13-074 Open.

Medical - Johnson Learning Center 06/11/13 02:13 PM
An individual tripped going up the stairs in JLC resulting in a laceration to the chin. The patient was transported to a local hopital for evaluation. #I-0183-13.

Medical - Library 06/10/13 07:35 AM
EMS was called to assist an individual who felt faint. The patient refused further medical attention and was transported off campus privately. #I-0182-13.

Fire Alarm Activation - Edison Hall 06/08/13 07:09 AM
A fire alarm was activated in Edison Hall. A building check was conducted by the fire department; neither fire nor smoke were present. The fire panel indicated a problem within the line. Appropriate personnel were notified to rectify the problem. #I-0180-13 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Stop - Woodbridge Ave./Mill Road 06/08/13 07:06 PM
Subsequent to a random look-up, summonses were issued to the driver of a vehicle for operating an unregistered and uninsured vehicle and having fictitious plates on the vehicle. #I-0181-13.

Theft - Parking Lot #3 06/07/13 12:12 PM
An individual reported that she left her purse under the back seat of her vehicle. Upon her return to the vehicle, the purse was no longer there. There are no known witnesses or suspects at this time. #13-073 Closed B.

Theft - College Center 06/05/13 05:50 PM
An individual reported her laptop went missing sometime between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm after having set it up at an event. There are no known witnesses or suspects at this time. #13-072 Closed B.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Gateway 06/04/13 12:23 PM
Vehicle #1 was unoccupied in parking lot behind Gateway building. When the driver returned to the vehicle, damage was found on the driver's side rear quarter panel and tail light. There are no known witnesses at this time. #13-071 Closed C.

Medical - Bus Route 06/03/13 09:10 AM
An individual was found in the bus route with facial lacerations. The patient stated that prior to coming onto campus she fell and hit a curb. EMS was called to the scene; the patient refused further medical attention. #I-0178-13.