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January 2014

Theft - Facilities 01/31/14 01:17 PM
On 12/12/13, the MCC Warehouse received a shipment from the Apple Co. via Fedex which included a laptop. At some point, it came to light that the laptop was missing. This case is currently under investigation. #I-2014-002240 Open.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #2 01/29/14 09:13 AM
The driver of Vehicle 1 stated that she was pulling into the third row of Lot #2 and slammed on the brakes to prevent her from hitting a pedestrian. The driver claimed that her car slid on the snow when braking and she hit a pedestrian. The pedestrian sustained hip and leg pain and was transported to a local hospital. #I-2014-001823 - Closed C.

Medical - College Center 01/27/14 05:44 PM
An individual who was on campus to attend an IDRC class appeared to have been drinking and was denied access to the class. The patient required medical clearance before leaving campus; EMS was called to the scene for evaluation of the patient who was then transported off campus by taxi. #I-2014-001647 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #4 01/27/14 02:02 PM
At the conclusion of class, the driver of Vehicle #1 returned to his vehicle in Lot #4 and discovered a large scratch and dent on the front passenger side corner panel. #I-2014-001623 - Closed B.

Theft - Main Hall 01/27/14 01:17 PM
A computer tower, 19 inch monitor and keyboard were taken from a classroom located in Main Hall. There are currently no suspects or witnesses. #I-2014-001622 Open.

Arrest - Mill Road 01/24/14 08:04 AM
Subsequent to a motor vehicle stop for an obstructed license plate, a driver was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant. Addditionally, the driver failed to produce a current driver's license, car registration and insurance. #I-2014-001355 - Closed A.

Medical - Physical Education Center 01/23/14 04:24 PM
An individual experienced several seizures in succession. EMS was called to the scene and transported the patient to a local hospital. #I-2014-001293.

Medical - South I 01/21/14 02:07 PM
An individual slipped and feel in South 1 due to a wet floor. The patient complained of pain in the back, upper right arm and both wrists. The patient refused an ambulance and further medical attention. #I-2014-001161.

Damaged Property - South I (outside) 01/20/14 09:59 PM
While on patrol, an officer noticed a lamp post laying on the walkway between South 1 and Main Hall. Upon inspection, he was unable to determine what caused the lamp post to go down. #I-2014-001089 - Closed B.

Theft - Chambers Hall 01/15/14 01:53 PM
An individual reported that after leaving his cell phone on the counter in the Registrar's office on 1/14/14 between 12:55 pm and 1:05 pm, the phone went missing. The phone is described as a T-Mobile, Black 16GB iPhone 4 in a gray case. #I-2014-000690 - Closed B.

Harassment - Facilities 01/15/14 08:30 AM
A staff member reported that she received a call from an unknown individual on her cell phone stating that she had hit the caller's vehicle. The complainant states that she did not, nor was she recently involved, in any accident. No further contact has been made to the staff member and she was advised to contact police should that occur. #I-2014-000668 - Closed C.

Medical - Main Hall 01/10/14 01:15 PM
Police were called to check on a female who looked as though she was about to pass out. The patient complained of feeling faint and tired. EMS arrived on the scene and transported the patient to a local hospital. #I-2014-000304.

Medical - Crabiel Hall (outside area) 01/10/14 04:15 PM
An individual slipped while walking towards Crabiel Hall injuring her left wrist. The patient was given an icepack but had refused further medical attention. I-2014-000310.

Suspicious Odor - Crabiel Hall 01/07/14 04:02 PM
Police and Facilities Maintenance responded to a call regarding the odor of natural gas outside room 126. No odor could be detected at the time of arrival. #I-2014-000085.

Medical - Physical Education Center 01/06/14 02:51 PM
An individual reported that there was a female who was vomiting in the restroom. The patient refused medical attention and was transported off campus by a family member. #I-2014-000018.