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April 2014

Criminal Mischief - Library 04/30/14 11:30 AM
A staff member reported finding graffiti on two bookshelves and a book shelf partition downstairs in the Library. The Maintenance Department was notified for removal of the graffiti. There are no suspects at this time. Estimated damage to the property is $100. #I-2014-008083 - Open.

Medical - L'Hommedieu Hall 04/28/14 04:37 PM
Police responded to a report of a female who had fainted in the Dental Lab. Upon arrival, the patient explained that while she was getting her teeth cleaned, she tasted blood and this caused her to faint. EMS was called to scene to evaluate the patient. The patient refused further medical attention. #I-2014-007944.

Criminal Mischief - Library 04/25/14 11:44 AM
A staff member reported graffiti on two book shelves in the Library. The Maintenance Department was notified. The value of the damage is $100. There are currently no suspects at this time. #I-2014-007743 - Open.

Harassment - Gateway 04/25/14 04:15 PM
A faculty member reported to police that she felt threatened by an individual who was a former student in her class. The subject was making numerous phone calls to the victim and then hanging up. The subject also showed up at her classroom without prior authorization. #I-2014-007748 - Open.

Criminal Mischief - Library 04/24/14 01:00 PM
Police were dispatched to the Library on report of graffiti on two book shelves. The value of the damage is $100. There are no suspects at this time. #I-2014-007743 - Closed B.

Disruptive Person - Main Hall 04/24/14 11:24 AM
Police responded to a call regarding a disruptive female in Main Hall. The subject appeared to be disoriented. Police removed her from the building and requested an evaluation by EMS. The patient was transported to a local hospital. #I-2014-007677.

Criminal Mischief - College Center 04/24/14 05:33 PM
Police were dispatched to the third floor men's restroom. When they arrived they find a mirror had been broken. An individual was able to provide the police with a description of the suspect. This case is currently under investigation. #I-2014-007687 - Open.

Criminal Mischief - Library 04/23/14 04:45 AM
Police responded to the Library after a custodian came upon graffiti on the walls in the lower part of the Library. There are no suspects at this time. #I-2014-007571 - Open.

Medical - L'Hommedieu Hall 04/23/14 08:12 PM
An individual cut her finger with a scalpel resulting in a laceration. Gauze and a band aid were administered to control the bleeding. After examination by EMS, the patient refused further medical attention. #I-2014-007625.

Terroristic Threat - Library 04/22/14 12:00 PM
On 4/25/14 at approx. 10:12 am, police were dispatched to the Library regarding a female who wanted to report that she was being threatened. The victim told police that on 4/22/14 while on the computer in the Library, she asked a male who was on a nearby computer to give it up so another student could use that computer to work on a project. The male threatened her with physical harm and then exited the Library. The suspect was described as a black male, 19-21 years of age, wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans. #I-2014-007739 - Open.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #6 04/21/14 01:56 PM
Vehicle #1 was traveling through Lot #6 when it was struck by Vehicle #2. Vehicle #1 sustained major damage to the rear passenger side door and a cracked rim. Vehicle #2 sustained ddamage to the front end bumper. No injuries were reported. #I-2014-007440 - Closed C.

Suspicious Person - Main Hall 04/19/14 12:38 PM
While conducting a building check on campus when the college was closed, police encountered a male in the lobby of Main Hall. The individual explained that he was currently looking into enrolling at the college and was unaware that the college was closed. After completing an identification check, police escorted the individual out of the building. #I-2014-007312.

Medical - Library 04/17/14 04:57 PM
An individual accidentally cut her eye when turning over a piece of paper. The patient was not in pain, but the eye was tearing. The patient requested to be seen by EMS who, after examination, advised the patient to follow up with her doctor. #I-2014-007207.

Motor Vehicle Accident - College Drive East 04/16/14 11:02 AM
Vehicle #1 was making a right hand turn into Lot #4 when it was struck from behind by Vehicle #2. Vehicle #1 sustained a hole in the driver's side rear corner panel, minor scratches and the side light marker was hanging. Vehicle #2 sustained minor scratches to the front passenger side corner panel. No injuries were reported. #I-2014-007114 - Closed C.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #6A 04/15/14 11:41 PM
The driver of Vehicle #1 was exiting Lot #6A when he struck a light pole. The vehicle sustained severe front end damage and full air bag deployment. The driver was transported to a local hospital after experiencing chest pain and difficulty breathing as a result of the accident. #I-2014-007089 - Closed C.

Criminal Mischief - Parking Lot #2 04/14/14 03:03 PM
Police received a report of a suspicious vehicle in Lot #2. Upon arrival, they found a vehicle with a broken driver's side window. The driver of the vehicle at that point returned to the scene and told officers that her ex-boyfriend had broken the window in an attempt to retrieve a radio which he had given to her. The suspect previously left the scene. The victim did not wish to file charges against the suspect. #I-2014-006964 - Open.

Theft - Lot #1B 04/14/14 06:49 PM
While parked in Lot #1B, an individual's temporary disabled placard was taken from the vehicle. No other items were missing. #I-2014-006979 - Open.

Criminal Mischief - Crabiel Hall 04/10/14 03:43 PM
Police were dispatched to the second floor men's restroom of Crabiel Hall on the report of graffiti. Upon arrival, police noted markings on the left wall of one of the stalls and on the inside of the stall door. #I-2014-006709 - Open.

Dispute - Raritan Hall 04/09/14 02:15 PM
Police were dispatched to Raritan Hall to speak with an individual who was waiting for a professor to discuss code of student conduct charges being filed against her. The individual was taken to the Counseling Department to speak with a counselor and then escorted to the bus stop for transportation off campus. #I-2014-006617.

Theft - Blue Colt Bookstore 04/09/14 04:20 PM
An individual reported that while in the lobby of the Bookstore, as he was putting away his books, someone came and took his "Beats by Dr. Dre" headphones. The victim was not able to provide a description of the suspect. #I-2014-006632 - Closed B.

Medical - Raritan Hall 04/08/14 09:15 AM
Police were dispatched to Raritan Hall for the report of a female feeling faint. The patient complained of feeling as though she was about to pass out. EMS arrived on scene, assessed the patient and transported her to a local hospital. #I-2014-006506.

Defiant Trespass - Library 04/08/14 06:59 PM
An individual was issued a defiant trespass after it was determined that he was to be suspended from campus. #I-2014-006545 - Closed A.

Disorderly Conduct - Parking #4 04/08/14 07:38 PM
An individual was found laying down in Lot #4. Police determined that the male was intoxicated and unable to drive himself home. Contact was made with a family member who arrived on campus to transport the individual; information regarding counseling was provided. No further action was taken. #I-2014-006549 - Closed C.

Medical - Bus Route 04/04/14 09:05 PM
A New Jersey Transit bus driver alerted police to a male sitting in the grass area along side the bus route. The male appeared to be intoxicated. Police noticed an odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath, slurred speech and a low level of alertness. The individual also had a small gash on his forehead. EMS was called to the scene and transported the patient to a local hospital. #I-2014-006284.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Parking Lot #4 04/04/14 12:33 PM
Police were dispatched to Lot #4 on the report of a hit and run. Upon arrival police spoke to the caller who stated he witnessed a blue pick up truck side swipe a parked vehicle. Damage was observed on the driver's side bumper area. The note contained the name and number of the driver who caused the damage. Contact was made with the driver and a summons issued. #I-2014-006325 - Closed C.

Damaged Property - Instructional Resource Center 04/04/14 05:09 AM
A member of the custodial staff reported a broken light fixture by Room 243 of the IRC Building. The fixture was cracked on 2 ends and glass was found shattered on the floor. The entrance to the room had been secured. It is unknown as to how or when the light fixture could have been damaged. I-2014-006251 - Closed C.

Medical - Main Hall 04/01/14 03:52 PM
After experiencing two seizures, an individual passed out. The patient had no recollection of the seizures. but had previously taken his seizure medication as prescribed. EMS was called to the scene and after examination of the patient, released him. #I-2014-006074.