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June 2014

Medical - Performing Arts Center 06/30/14 05:05 PM
Police were dispatched to the PAC for an individual who hit her head on a door. The patient was examined by the school nurse who determined that the patient did not need medical attenion. The patient's parents were notified and the patient remained with the after care program. #I-2014-011820.

Citizen Assist - College Center 06/30/14 09:18 AM
An individual informed police that he was on-campus attempting to locate his adult son who had left the family home on 6/29/14 and had not been heard from since. Police were unable to make contact with the missing person; the father advised MCCPD that he was going to file a missing person's report with his township's police department. #I-2014-011795 - Open.

Dispute - Parking Lot #16 06/29/14 09:15 AM
A female reported to police that her girlfried had taken her keys to her motor vehicle after they had gotten into a dispute. The keys were turned over to the police at which time ownership of the vehicle was determined and the keys returned to the rightful owner. No charges were filed. #I-2014-011745 - Closed C.

Medical - Parking Lot #16 06/28/14 05:05 PM
An individual was having difficulty breathing due to a panic attack. EMS was called to the scene and treated the patient. The patient refused further medical attention and was transported off-campus by a friend. #I-2014-011715.

Medical - Edison Hall 06/25/14 01:43 PM
Police were dispatched to Edison Hall on the report that a individual accidentally cut her finger during art class. The patient was treated on site by the school nurse. #I-2014-011536.

Medical - Johnson Learning Center 06/24/14 07:37 PM
A female patient was experiencing a nose bleed which had be ongoing for approx. 30 minutes and she began to feel dizzy. EMS was called to the scene to evaluate the patient who was then transported off campus by a family member. #I-2014-011483.

Simple Assault - Parking Lot #11 06/23/14 10:34 PM
Police were dispatched to Lot #11 where they encountered a male victim with a bloody nose. The victim's girlfriend was also present, but was unharmed. The victim explained that the suspect had been flirting with his girlfriend. When the victim confronted the suspect, the suspect punched him in the nose, ripped his shirt and then drove away. A description of the suspect was obtained. The victim was treated at the site by EMS. #I-2014-011429 - Open.

Medical - L'Hommedieu 06/23/14 11:42 AM
Police were dispatched to L'Hommedieu Hall where they were met by a female who stated she was experiencing pain in the stomach area and was feeling dizzy. The patient was transported to the school nurse for further evaluation. The patient stated that she was going to be transported off campus by her boyfriend. #I-2014-011401.

Theft - Chambers Hall 06/23/14 03:41 PM
A staff member reported that she left her work area for lunch at 1445 and her wireless mouse and receiver were at the front desk. When she returned at 1500, both items were missing. She believes that someone reached underneath the glass and took the items. There were no witnesses to the theft. I-2014-011409 - Closed B.

Suspicious Person - Lot #1A 06/17/14 08:40 AM
An individual reported seeing a female with blond hair wearing a black sweatshirt walking through Lot #1A who appeared to be in distress. When the complainant asked the subject if everything was alright, the subject began yelling at the complainant and refused to provide any form of identification when requested. #I-2014-011056 - Closed C.

Theft - College Center 06/16/14 12:09 PM
An individual approached police and advised them that she had left her backpack at a table inside the College Center and upon returning to the table 15 minutes later, the bag was no longer there. Contents of the bag include a camera, Tablet PC, cell phone charger, coffee mug and SD card. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time. #I-2014-010996 - Open.

Damaged Property - Parking Lot #6 06/16/14 01:11 PM
An individual reported to police that while she was in her parked vehicle in Lot #6, a female in the car next to her opened her door and made contact with the complainant's door. Police observed a minor scratch. The complainant stated that her vehicle had prior damage and it was hard to tell if this incident was the cause of the scratch. #I-2014-011000 - Closed C.

Lost Property - Gateway 06/09/14 01:37 PM
An individual reported that she lost her wallet while on campus. The contents of the wallet include a N.J. driver's license, debit card, student I.D. and various store cards. #I-2014-010582.

Medical - Library 06/05/14 11:47 AM
An individual was experiencing pain in the stomach area. It was unknown if the pain was related to a surgery the patient had several years ago. The patient was evaluated by EMS and transported to a local hospital for further evaluation. #I-2014-010396.

Medical - Billy Johnson Hall 06/05/14 06:26 PM
Police responded to the report of a man experiencing chest pains. The patient refused to be seen by EMT's and was transported off campus by a family member. #I-2014-010416.

Lost Property - Gateway 06/04/14 03:56 PM
An individual reported that while on campus she lost her Michael Kors wallet. Contents of the wallet include a N.J. driver's license, student I.D. and various debit/credit cards. #I-2014-010334.

Medical - Library 06/03/14 09:25 AM
An individual was transported to a local hospital after experienced respiratory problems. #I-2014-010230