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How to Establish a Club/Organization

How to Create a Chartered Campus Organization

I. Charter Policies – Prospective campus organizations must comply with the following policy statements in order to be eligible for charter by the College.

A. All organization charters, constitutions, recruitment procedures and practices must be free of any and all regulations or restrictions for membership on the basis of race, creed, color, religion or national origin. Policies or practices not so in accordance, be they written or unwritten, are prohibited. Any infractions of this rule will result in immediate charter revocation.

B. All organization charters and constitutions must comply with policies established by the College.

C. Compliance with constitutional format established by the Director of Student Activities.

D. All articles and sections of the constitution must be explicitly defined and must not conflict with any other statement within the constitution or by-laws.

E. Compliance with all other policies established by the Director of Student Activities.


II. Charter Procedure

A. Writing of constitution and by-laws in compliance with charter policies.

B. Submission of completed constitution to the Director of Student Activities.

C. Meeting with the Director of Student Activities to discuss constitutional acceptability.

D. Selection of Advisor (Faculty/Staff).


III. Organization's Constitution

(Sample Structure)

Name of Organization

Article 1. Name of Organization and Purpose

Section 1. Name (also what organization will be referred to throughout constitution, i.e., American People Society – A.P.S.)

Section 2. Purpose of organization and short-range objectives of annual goal.

Article 2. Membership

Section 1. To whom membership is open.

Section 2. Requirements for membership. (i.e., GPA 2.0)

Section 3. Impeachment procedures to be specified for officers and members.

Article 3. Officers

Section 1. Title of Officers (i.e., President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.)

Section 2. Qualifications of Officers or Executive Board members (i.e., Freshman, Senior, G.P.A., or no particular qualifications other than membership).

Section 3. Nomination and election procedures for officers (i.e., Manner and time of election; also time at which new executive board will take office).

Section 4. Procedure for filling vacancies.

Article 4. Duties of Officers

Section 1. Duties of all officers must be defined.


1) The Treasurer must submit a financial report to the chairman of the financial committee of the Student Senate on, or before, January 15.

2) An officer must be responsible for the submission of chronological history of the events of the past academic year at the end of that year.

Article 5. Meetings

Section 1. Time and frequency of meetings.

Section 2. Procedure for calling special meetings.

Section 3. Statement of what constitutes a quorum.

Article 6. Amending Process (manner in which this constitution may be amended) – All amendments to student organizations constitutions must be approved by the Constitution Review and Revision Committee prior to the implementation in said constitution.

Article 7. Rules of Order – Meetings must be governed under a particular book of authority (i.e., Roberts Rules of Order. Parliamentary Procedure, or procedures which completely and explicitly cover all possible questions of procedure).

Article 8. Procedure of Business – Establishment of format or agenda for transaction of business at regular or special meetings.



Additional Services for Student Clubs & Organizations


A. Only recognized student organizations with financial accounts in the Middlesex County College Student Activities Fund may request services.

B. All necessary forms must be submitted to the Director of Student Activities in compliance with deadlines specified.

C. Faculty/Staff advisors must approve request and sign request form.

D. All requests are subject to approval by the Director of Student Activities.


A. Campus Police

1. Fill out security request form.

2. Submit to Student Activities Office two weeks prior to event.

3. Request forwarded to Police Headquarters.

4. At time of event, faculty chairperson will have to sign security approval form.

B. Cash register is available on request to Student Activities Office – 7 days before event.

1. Fill out cash register request.

2. Submit to Student Activities Office prior to event.

3. Cash register will be delivered by police at time of event.

4. Cash register will be removed by police at close of event.

C. Instructional Media Equipment (projectors, screen, tape recorders, etc.)

1. Fill out Media Equipment request.

2. Submit to Student Activities Office two weeks prior to event.

3. Pick up or check on delivery on day of event depending on nature of request.

4. Return or leave for pick up depending on nature of request.

D. Central Duplicating, Mailing, Supplies

1. Fill out Central Duplicating Office Services form.

2. Submit to Student Activities Office two weeks prior to event.

E. On-Campus Retailing (fund raising)

1. Fill out Request For Retailing form.

2. Submit to Student Activities Office two weeks prior to event.

3. Forward to Secretary of the Retailing Services Association for approval.