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Welcome to Auditions @ MCC

All our auditions are open, meaning anyone can audition  MCC-students, members of the community, high school students, all ages and ethnicity's welcome. Check back periodically as we will update this page as new auditions become available. You can also keep up to date on all MCC Theatre events by becoming our friend on Facebook: www.facebook.com/mcctheatreor on Twitter: @mcctheatre.

 Audtions for The Swan

MCC Studio Theatre

Wednesday, January 21st & Thursday, January 22nd from 7pm-10pm

Saturday, January 24th noon - 1pm

CALL BACKS: Saturday January 24th, 1pm - 4pm

The Swan, by Elizabeth Egloff, follows the story of Dora and Kevin, two fairly typical people having an affair. Kevin is married with a child, Dora has suffered many heart aches and lost loves. Their lives are turned upside down when during a stormy night, a swan crashes into Dora's window. She takes the swan into her house to "nurse" it back to life. Unexpectedly, the swan transforms into a human man, beginning to walk, speak and love. Bill (the name Dora gives the swan) changes everything. Dora is consumed by her need to take care of Bill. Meanwhile, Kevin tries to humor Dora but eventually realizes that she is spending more time with the swan than him. Kevin become jealous and enraged, attempting to whisk Dora away from the swan and this life. The Swan is a modern-day fairy tale of how love can take on many unexpected forms. You have to read the play to find out how it ends....it's certainly a tale worth experiencing. 

THREE strong actors needed - 1 Female, 2 Males. 

About the characters:

DORA: a nurse. She is lonely, desperate for love and attention. She "nurses" the swan/man, who in turn falls in love with her, creating a complicated situation.

BILL*: a swan who transforms into a man, falling in love with Dora.

KEVIN: a milkman, married, having an affair with Dora. A solid-midwest farm guy, who needs to take care of people. He has fallen in love with Dora but unable to leave his wife for her. This clearly creates a strain on their affair.

*The male role of the SWAN must be comfortable with partial nudity and able to explore physically & vocally. 


Scripts are available in College Center 343 for advanced reading.

For more information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Tony Ross at 732-906-2612