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The Meeting and Los Vendidos (2007)

Los Vendidos 

Directed by Benjamin Marshall

In this brilliant one-act play. The Chicano playwright Luis Valdez addresses the prejudices faced by Mexicans in America. Los Vendidos means “the Sellouts”, which describes the characters in the play. All the characters including Honest Sancho, the owner of the Mexican curio shop, Ms.Jiminez, the Mexican American secretary , the Farmworker, the Pachuro, the Revolutionary – are stereotypical chicanos. The secretary comes from the Governor’s office to buy a “brown –skinned” robot for the administration, as it will look good to have a “Mexican Type” on the staff. The virtues of the various models are extolled, the Revolutionary is economical to keep, as he “runs on raw horsemeat and tequila”, the Pachuo can be beaten. But Ms.Jiminez does not find them suitable - she finds that the Revolutionary cannot speak English, the Pachuo uses abusive language and is violent, the Farmworker is crude. The final model is suitable in all respects, as it is intelligent, bilingual and college educated. The surprise ending of the play emphasizes the resentment and hurt felt by the Chicanos and the superficiality of the civilized society.

Mugger ( Jose Rodriguez ) and Prostitute ( Amanda )

Migrant Worker ( Ashley ), Revolutionary ( Jose Rodriuez ) and Honest Sancho ( Daniel Gonzalez )

Honest Sancho ( Daniel Gonzalez )

Revolutionary ( Jos Rodriueze )

Migrant Worker ( Ashley )

Body Guard ( Hans Augustave )

Body Guard ( Hans Augustave ) and Malcom X (  )

Body Guard ( Hans Augustave ) and Malcom X (  )

Malcome X ( ) and Martin Luter King ( Jihad Bell )