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Photo Gallery

Colt Staff, Katie, Miracles, Vito and Allison (from left to right) are promoting the “We’ll Spring for Spring” contest, where one lucky winner will receive a $300.00 voucher to apply to Spring tuition/books at MCC.  Log on and listen www.bluecoltradio.com and find out how you can enter to win.

Shawn entertains her listeners with all their favorites from the ‘90’s and now!

Rene gives Eric a traffic report during his shift.

James (sitting) and Kersten (standing) produce the audio/narration for a promotional video for NJ Cate, recruiting women in the Civil engineering field.

Michelle D’Errico (News Director 2006/2007) works a table event encouraging people to register to win a Colt Prize Pack.  The event was the “Colt Cornucopia,”  where we collected non-perishable foods for families in need during the Thanksgiving Holiday Season.

Stephen Gleason makes an announcement during his show.

Catherine Bailey produces a project in the Colt Production Studio.

An establishing shot of our staff working the audio board.

Lorraine Seid (News Director 2005-2006) announces a news update.

The Blue Colt Radio staff organized a Spring Egg Hunt for the children in the daycare center at MCC.

Shawn (left) and Jackie (right) promote a table event for the “Fix the Flood” Emergency Food Drive.  They collected non-perishable foods for local food pantries in need after an unepected nor-easter storm.

Student Activities Fair 2007

"Sarah and Andrew"  Student Activities Fair 2006