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Health & Safety

We are concerned with your child's safety. Therefore, please abide by the following rules:

DO NOT let your child go outside to your car without you.

When bringing or picking up your child, only use the door at the reception area. Check with the secretary or one of the teachers in charge (until 6:00 p.m.), so we know your child is going home with the right person.

Be sure to sign out your child.

For your child's comfort, and to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

It is necessary for you to have an extra change of clothing for your child, with your child's name on each piece of clothing. Extra clothing should include underwear, socks, pants or shorts, shirt, sweater and shoes. Your child should wear comfortable play clothing.

Non-prescription medicine will not be administered.
In addition, you must complete the pink Permission to Administer Medication form, available through the secretary. Please sign and date it, and give it to your child's teacher to post in the classroom. Each new medicine requires a new doctor's note and a new pink permission form.
All children are required to submit proof of a medical examination and a record of immunizations signed by a physician prior to admittance. Please obtain the medical form from the secretary in the Child Care Center. These records must be updated at the beginning of each school year in September.

We request that you clean out your child's cubby every Friday when you pick your child up in the afternoon.

Each parent has to provide his/her child with a small blanket, and a sheet that he/she can use at naptime. Please mark the blanket and sheet with your child's name in permanent ink. Please take them home to launder each Friday and return them to school on Monday morning.

For the health and safety of your child and other children, please do not send your child to school if he or she is ill. We do not have either the physical facilities or staff to care for sick children. If your child has a fever of 100° Fahrenheit or more, we can not accept him/her in school.

If your child becomes ill during the day, we will contact the parents or persons designated by you on the pink Emergency Contacts card to pick up your child. It is your responsibility to make sure that the information on this card and your yellow Schedule card is up-to-date. In addition, please notify us if your schedule varies from day to day.

Parents will be notified when it is known that there is a possible communicable disease at the Child Care Center. It is suggested that you then consult your pediatrician.

If your child becomes ill at home from a communicable disease, please notify the Child Care Center.

When a child is out for 4 or more days and/or has had a communicable disease, upon his/her return to school, he/she must bring a note signed by a physician stating that he/she is well and may re-enter school.

Under licensing regulation, we can only give prescribed medication to children that has a current date, the child's name and the proper dosage.

In addition to writing the prescription for your child's medicine, the doctor must write a note giving us instructions and permission to administer the medicine. (Instructions must include dosage and length of time for use.)

Medicine will be stored only in the refrigerator in the kitchen. It must be in the original bottle, clearly marked with the child's name, the pharmacist's name, and a current date. Medicine can be administered by the staff and/or the nurse once a day before lunch/nap time (about 12:00 p.m.