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Money Matters

• How much does it cost to attend Middlesex County College?
• What is the College's Residency Policy?
• When is my tuition due?
• Where can I find out more about financial aid?
• Can I arrange a payment plan?
• Will I get money back if I drop a class or withdraw from the College?
• What veteran's benefits are available?
• Who is eligible for a tuition waiver?
• What is the Chargeback Policy?

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How much does it cost to attend Middlesex County College?
Middlesex County Residents: $129.50 per credit ($97.00 tuition; $17.00 general service fee; $3.50 student service fee; $12.00 technology fee)

Out-of-County and Out-of-State
students: $259.00 per credit ($194.00 tuition; $34.00 general service fee; $7.00 student service fee; $24.00 technology fee)

Additional Fees
Application for admission 25.00 (required of all new students)
Registration $25.00
Course Fee See class schedule
Late Registration Fee $40
The College reserves the right to revise the tuition and fee structure without prior notice.

Determining the cost of your semester
A. Determine your total number of credits or credit equivalents
B. Using the table below, note the column that applies to your residence status and the line showing the number of credits for which you are registering. This will indicate the total of your tuition, general fee, student fee and technology fee.
C. Then check the class schedule for each course in which you have enrolled. If a course fee is listed below the course title, add that course fee to the above total.
D. If you are a new student add $25 for the application fee
E. If you need to park on campus add $25 to the above total.
F. If you register during the late registration period add $40 to the above total

Total Number of
Credits/charge hours
1 129.50 259.00
2 259.00 518.00
3 388.50 777.00
4 518.00 1,036.00
5 647.50 1,295.00
6 777.00 1,554.00
7 906.50 1,813.00
8 1,036.00 2,072.00
9 1,165.50 2,331.00
10 1,295.00 2,590.00
11 1,424.50 2,849.00
12 1,554.00 3,108.00

Tuition and fees are subhect to change. You may pay for classes with cash, check or credit card. Credit card payments may be made by phone at 732.906.4247 or 732.767.1723. You must have your student ID# and PIN # to use the automated telephone system. Checks may be mailed to the College. Be sure to allow sufficient mailing time to honor due dates. For a complete list of all Middlesex County College fees, go to Tuition and Fees

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What is the College's Residency Policy?
Your residence status determines the amount of your tuition and fees. To better understand how the College determines residency, please go to Residency Definitions and Policies.

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When is my tuition due?
When you register for classes you are given a schedule that contains information about your balance. Be sure to note the amount due and the due date. Courses that are not paid for by the due date are subjection to cancellation. If your schedule is canceled you will have to start the registration process all over again. For information on tuition due dates, go to the Payment Policy web page.

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Where can I find out more about financial aid?
Middlesex County College offers financial aid to eligible students. If you plan on applying for financial aid we recommend you apply early. The priority deadline is April 1 for the fall semester and November 15 for the spring semester. You may apply after these dates as funds remain available. To apply you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For more information, and to apply for financial aid online using "FAFSA on the Web" visit the Financial Aid website.

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Can I arrange a payment plan?
If you are registering for 6 credits or more you may participate in our Payment Option Plan (POP). There is a $25.00 charge to enroll in the Payment Option Plan. You must pay 50% of the balance and submit a completed Payment Option Plan Application form on or before the due date. Pick up an application at the Cashier's Office in Chambers Hall, or go to Payment Option Plan to read about the plan and download the application.

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Will I get money back if I drop a class or withdraw from the College?
In computing refunds for withdrawals, the date of withdrawal is the date on which the Office of the Registrar receives your completed drop/add form or the date your new schedule is filed in the telephone registration system. All refunds, including 100% refunds, apply to tuition, student fees, general fees, and course fees ONLY. The application and late fee are not refundable.

Percentages to be refunded:
• Withdrawal for a 100% refund (prior to start of term)
• Withdrawal for a 75% refund (first five days of term)
• Withdrawal for a 50% refund (day 6 through 10 of term)
• Withdrawal for no refund (day 11 and beyond)
Percentages to be refunded:
• Withdrawal prior to the date of the first scheduled class – 100%
• Withdrawal within 7 days of the date of the first scheduled class – 75%
• Withdrawal within 14 days of the date of the first scheduled class – 50%
• Withdrawal beyond 14 days of the date of the first scheduled class – no refund
• Withdrawal prior to the date of the first scheduled class– 100%
• Withdrawal through the date of the second scheduled class– 75%
• Withdrawal through the date of the fourth scheduled class– 50%
• Please check the Registrar's website for exact wintersession dates

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What veteran's benefits are available?
Middlesex is approved by the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs, State Approving Agency, under Title 38, U.S. Code, Section 1775 for veterans' training. Question concerning eligibility and certification may be directed to the Office of the Registrar, 732.905.2523

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Who is eligible for a tuition waiver?
Tuition waivers are available to members of the National Guard, volunteer firefighters and first aid and rescue squad members, senior citizens, and unemployed persons who are participating in state-approved programs. Only National Guard and Volunteer Tuition waivers are processed during the regular registration period. Senior citizens and unemployed persons may use tuition waivers for open seats during the Late Registration period, typically two or three days prior to the start of classes.

• Senior Citizen Waivers - Middlesex County residents who are 65 years or older may take any course on a space-available basis and have the tuition waived. All other fees and related expenses including student activity fees, general student fees, technology fees, parking fees, course and laboratory fees, books and all other College fees must be paid by the student.

• Volunteer firefighters, first aid and rescue squad members and their spouse or dependent children can qualify for a tuition waiver. The volunteer shall agree to serve as a member volunteer for a minimum of four years. Following each year of volunteer service performed the person or family member is entitled to receive a maximum of $600 per academic year of tuition credit. The cumulative maximum tuition credit is $2400. The student must complete a waiver form available in the Cashier's Office each semester. All remaining expenses must be paid by the regular due date. The student must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.

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What is the Chargeback Policy?
If you live in New Jersey but outside of Middlesex County, you may pay the in-county tuition rate if you qualify for chargeback. You must provide the Middlesex County College Business Office with the properly signed Certification of Inability to Admit form from your home county college and Certification of Residency forms.

The registrar of Admissions Officer of your county college must complete the Certification of Inability to Admit. The county fiscal officer (treasurer) of your home county must complete the Certification of Residency form. These forms are normally good for a one-year period from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. You may pay in-county tuition if you submit these forms with your registration.

If you pay out-of-county tuition and subsequently file properly executed chargeback forms, you will receive a refund that will reduce your tuition charge to the in-county rate. The refund will be made when your home county has made payment to the College.

If you live in Middlesex County and wish to take courses at another New Jersey County College, you may have Middlesex County pay a portion of your tuition if you obtain a Middlesex County Chargeback Application from the College's Office of Admissions and Recruitment.

If all is in order, Middlesex County College will forward the application to the Middlesex County Controller for endorsement. The original approved application will be mailed to the accepting college and a copy will be mailed to you. The completed application, along with two proofs of residency, must be presented within 30 calendar days of the start of classes.